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Flooding in Sunderland leads to relocation of students

by Micah Wilkins, Echo Online Writer

Sunderland experienced serious flooding Monday after the sprinkler system broke on the second floor. According to Sunderland AC Katie Buehner, five student rooms were affected by the flooding, which leaked through the ceilings, floors and walls from the second floor to the basement.

Four of the rooms affected are RA rooms, with one student room affected, as well as the second and first floor common rooms of the building. Buehner’s apartment and office, however, received the most damage, and Buehner will also have to temporary relocate.

The tenants living in the five rooms affected were all relocated and placed into other vacant Sunderland rooms, according to Buehner.

Current work that is being done on the building is to ensure that the wood framing of the building is dry and mold-free. In order to do this, the wood framing must be accessed by tearing up the layers of the flooring, which includes layers of carpet, tile and concrete. Currently, Buenher said, jack hammers are being used on the second floor to demolish the concrete.

After this process is done in a week and a half or two weeks, Buehner said, the rebuilding process will begin.

Due to the damage in the center of the building, these areas from the second floor to the basement must be blocked off.


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