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Energy Services audits service learning building

Maddy Dillon, Staff Writer

The Energy Services Crew is in the process of auditing Ransom House, home of the Service Learning Office (SLO), for energy efficiency.

This is the first step in an effort to obtain Energy Star certification.

The staff of Ransom wanted their building to be a model for green buildings on campus and sought help from the Energy Services Crew, under Facilities Management and Technical Services (FMTS), which collects annual energy data for buildings on campus.

According to senior Abi Locatis, Energy Services Crew member, in order to be energy star certified, the EUI – the amount of energy used per square foot per year – needs to be 75% higher than that of a similar building, as well as meet other requirements for each system within.

According to Energy Services Intern Steve LeGrand, the audit includes assessing different systems, including electrical and water use.

“We look at how each system is designed, how each system works together and ways they can improve,” LeGrand said.

Some of the most significant users of energy are campus ap- pliances. According to the SLO Staff, the Ransom kitchen is used frequently by Everyone Cooks and other groups. Campus Greening Crew is working with the SLO as well, focusing on behavior change, whereas

Energy Services primarily focuses on collecting data.

Energy Services recently finished an audit of DeVries and found it to perform poorly and much money spent to heat the building. A grant was submit- ted to the state energy office to help finance the insulation of the building.

According to Locatis, Energy Services Crew hopes to complete the audit of Ransom by April 13. Once the audit is complete, a written report will be sent to Paul Braese, director of FMTS. While considering the budget and other factors, Braese will then determine what improvements will be made.


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