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Business students initiate sustainable startup

Maddy Dillon, Staff Writer

Do you have old ink cartridges laying around? Do you want a convenient, cheaper, more environmentally friendly option when it comes to printing? SmartInk, a non-profit business created by business students in Sustainable Business 416 taught by John Berry, will refill your used ink cartridges with high quality ink and deliver them right back to you.  SmartInk strives to positively impact the community and the environment.

According to SmartInk only 20% of ink jet printer cartridges are being recycled.  In North America alone, over 400 million cartridges per year are discarded in our land fields, and that number is increasing by 12% annually. SmartInk also says 97% of the cartridges thrown away can be re-manufactured, refilled, and reused.

SmartInk will recycle and redistribute used ink cartridges at lower prices

SmartInk urges students, faculty, and staff to drop off empty cartridges at a designated drop off location and they’ll do the rest.  SmartInk will contact you with delivery information and payment options within 1-2 business days. Cartridges that have been empty for more than one month cannot be refilled as they may produce poor quality printing.

SmartInk is charging $10 dollars to refill any cartridge, compared to $20 on average at other businesses. According to SmartInk representative Aleks Spasovski, all profits will be put back into sustaining SmartInk.

“SmartInk hopes to serve the community for years to come,” Spasovski said. “We are also talking about proposing a new crew that would be in charge of running SmartInk.”

Daniels Graphics in Asheville donated the machine used to refill ink cartridges and is currently being kept in Spidel.

SmartInk can be contacted at 828 699 9713.


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