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Thefts abound on campus

Sarah Banks, Staff Writer

In the last month, there has been an increase in crime not just on campus, but in the rest of Buncombe County as well. Within the last few weeks unlocked offices, dorm rooms and cars have been burglarized. A significant amount of valuable merchandise – a camera, a laptop, musical instruments and a wallet – have been stolen. Formal reports have been issued to the Buncombe County Sheriff.

Director of Public Safety Terry Payne does not think anyone on campus is responsible.

“Whenever there is an economic down- turn there’s an increase in criminal activity,” Payne said. “These trends are happening everywhere, but Black Mountain and eastern Buncombe County are especially affected.”
Payne recommends locking up valuables and keeping them out of sight.

“I see way too many valuables – laptops, GPS devices and iPods – out in plain view in cars,” Payne said. “There’s no reason to give anyone any motivation to steal these things.”


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