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Our bodies, our voices, our choices

Morgan Emily Steele and Danielle Landy

It’s not new knowledge that our rights to reproductive education and resources are threatened. If we educate ourselves, we can protect our rights!

Rally on Pack Square against H.R. 1 and H.R. 3

H.R. 1/The Pence Amendment

If passed, this bill would eliminate all federal funding to Planned Parenthood, an organization that provides crucial preventative health care and resources (including HIV/AIDS testing, birth control, breast exams, sex education, and family planning services) to over 3 million Americans. This bill has already been approved in the House of Representatives.

Protesters rally against the two bills

H.R. 3

This bill would re-define rape and incest so that only forcible rape (which is near impossible to prove in court) would be acknowledged by law and incest would only be legally recognized if the victim was a minor.

What you can do to stop these bills from passing:
1.    Sign the petition to save Planned Parenthood! Find it online @ plannedparenthood.org
2.    Call your Senators and Representatives and tell them to protect the rights of women by shutting down H.R. 1/ The Pence Amendment and H.R. 3!


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