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Crossing the Bridge

Maddy Dillion, Staff Writer

Student Life Committee is again discussing the possibility of integrating first-year housing.

Dean of Students Deb Myers suggested the transition and gave the committee a deadline for deciding whether or not to implement the change or not come the next academic year. The committee missed the deadline.

“We struggled with making a decision without having knowledge of the bigger picture,” senior Gordon Jones, a Student Life Committee member, said.

“There really isn’t a proposal on the table right now to accomplish this for next year,” Myers said, “but it is something the Student Life Committee will likely continue to look at for the following year.”

Crossing the bridge

The issue of first-year housing integration has been discussed in several capacities over the past several years.

According to Caucus Co-Convener Lacey Cunningham, senior, Student Caucus first discussed the change because many students felt that by secluding the first-year class, it is difficult to fully integrate into the community.

“First-year students are faced with the psychological and geographical barrier that is the bridge,” Jones said.

Others feel like first-year housing is beneficial, especially in terms of forming lasting friendships.

“For me, living with my peers was a really important part of my freshman experience,” junior and Village RA Kayla Meier said.

Student Life Committee is concerned about the process required to implement the new policy, as well as other factors such as the effectiveness of first-year seminars and retention rates, which greatly affect the first-year experience. Some upperclassmen are skeptical about living in Sunderland or Vining. Others enjoy the central location near the rest of campus

“I wouldn’t mind living in Vining again, it’s close to my classes and work,” sophomore Dan Jackson said.

The Student Life Committee plans to dis- cuss the issue further with Student Caucus and develop a plan for the future.


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