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Caucus rewards grants

Maddy Dillon, Staff Writer

The Caucus budget provides funding to supplement student groups and activities through a grant process. This semester a total of $3,150 has been made available. Caucus voted on allotments for proposals this past week:

– Beer Group for Writers was allotted $66 for gas money to provide incen- tives for designated drivers to transport the group to meetings. The group is open to all writers who are at least 21 years old.

– Sage Café was granted $650 to replace a broken espresso machine.

– Students involved in a sociology class project was allotted $250 to bring refugees to campus to be guest speakers for International Women’s Day.

– Sophomore Eliza Hamilton- Poore was given $100 to purchase movies for the library.

– EMPOWER was granted $500 to bring Ryan Sallans, a “transmentor” guest speaker, to talk about LGBTQ health care.

– Pig Crew was allotted $329 to purchase items geared towards “pig enrich- ment.” According to Pig Crew member and junior Katherine Brewer, there has been “an decrease in the boars’ morale.” Items to be purchased include toys designed to help reduce pigs’ aggression and self-destructive behaviors.

– Computing Services was granted $555 to purchase more camcorders for campus use.

– A $200 allotment was granted to fund the Fire Legion’s fuel so they can per- form at the Circus.

– Lastly, Fiber Arts Crew was allot- ted $500 for a heat press.


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