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Public Safety Report Mar. 7-20

Burglary, Unknown/Suspicious Persons

Award-winning Documentary filmmaker at 7 Sisters Cinema

Winner of the San Francisco International Film Festival Silver Spire Award to show at Black Mountain venue.

Public Safety Report Feb. 28-March 6

Weapon on Campus

Open Letter to Dean of Students

Approved by the Student Caucus As students and a body representing the student voice of the college, we rise with concern and disappointment regarding the recent decisions made in the Student Life Office. We are less concerned about the decisions themselves and more that students have not been adequately involved in the decision-making process. This [...]

Student Caucus Appeals for Inclusion in Student Life

Caucus has expressed a willingness to work with Student Life so that challenges are addressed appropriately.

RISE Director Kelly Kelbel leaves at end of term

Kelbel leaves to pursue two month program at Penland School of Crafts

Letter from departing RISE director Kelly Kelbel

Dear Warren Wilson Community, I have been grappling with how to write a thank you letter to several hundred people, one that captures how I really feel about this place and how I feel about you. It is so hard to say goodbye. I’ve spent hours in my office with seniors not quite ready to [...]

Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Staff Writer, Christian Diaz, sounds off on vandalism

Our bodies, our voices, our choices

Take a stand against H.R. 1 and H.R. 3

Proposed Bill HB11 Seeks to Ban Undocumented Students from State Colleges

Echo Staff Writer, Christian Diaz, interviews an undocumented student who’s college career may be terminated if bill passes.

Changes to sustainability leadership

Ehrlich takes over as Environmental Sustainability PAC Representative

Caucus rewards grants

Caucus distributes funds to 9 projects and proposals

Crossing the Bridge

Student Life Committee explores possibility of integrated housing on campus

Thefts abound on campus

Multiple thefts on campus consistent with trend in WNC

Swim Team closes season

Fighting Owls Swim Team ends with a success at the Appalachian Swimming Conference

Alan Haney returns

The founder of Warren Wilson’s Environmental Studies program returns to campus to discuss his new book, Restoring Ecological Health to Your Land.

For two students, Austrian dream a week-long reality

Imagine walking through the streets of Salzburg, Austria, surrounded by the Swiss Alps, castles and signs written in German. Imagine being completely at home, surrounded by strangers and talking about all things taboo.

The Real Time Utility Monitoring Project

In order to reach the energy consumption goals set by the Climate Action Plan, Energy Services Crew initiated a project that will show exactly how much energy is being consumed at any moment.

Garden Crew welcomes a new supervisor with nearly 20 years of garden management experience

Patrick Ross, with 20 years of garden management, will lead the crew.

Public Safety Report Feb. 21-27

Suspicious Person, Burglary, Theft

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