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The Green Buzz 2.4.11

from The ELC

The Environmental Leadership Center’s Campus Greening Crew is proud to resurrect The Green Buzz—a regular Echo column devoted to exploring, myth-busting and celebrating WWC’s sustainability pursuits.  Please send us ideas of topics you’d like us to cover, myths you’d like us to bust, or actions on campus that deserve recognition.  Send to scross@warren-wilson.edu.

For this week we want to direct your attention to the updated Green Living Guide that is an online how-to resource to help you reduce energy and water use, minimize waste, use less paper, consume more consciously, get around without fossil fuels, and more.  It is chockfull of good information about living sustainably on campus.  The Newark Times says, “The Green Living Guide is the best darn such publication we’ve seen in years.  It’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you cry.  Two thumbs up.”  Find it by typing Green Living Guide into the Inside Page search engine.

And, be on the lookout for the semester two Dorm Energy Challenge happening this February.  This competition challenges residents to reduce electricity use in dorms.  Our electricity comes from mountain top removal coal that contributes significantly to climate change, air and water pollution, and the degradation of Appalachian communities.  Plus it costs WWC a lot of money.  Stephenson won the October Dorm Energy Challenge with an astonishing 50% reduction in electricity use compared to last year! Can they do it again?  Or will another dorm rise up and take the reigning champions down?  This is a hard core, no-holds-barred battle for bragging rights—so tune in and turn off!


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