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Stylish and decadent tragi-comedy on stage

from The Theater Crew

Warren Wilson begins the new year with a Jacobean tragedy full of lust, treachery, retribution and – oddly – humor. Written by Thomas Middleton, Shakespeare’s contemporary, “Women Beware Women” has recently been performed by London’s National Theatre and the Red Bull Theatre of New York City.
Written almost 400 years ago and adapted by Jesse Berger, Women Beware Women strikes a modern chord. A revenge tragedy with a surprising amount of comedy, The New York Times has called it “exuberant” and “cutthroat.”

Director Graham Paul says, “Warren Wilson Theatre is committed to performing classic masterpieces (as well as risky contemporary theatre), committed to producing theatre that is both excellent and challenging and committed to taking chances with provocative plays that are not frequently seen. “Women Beware Women” stands out in all three categories.  Audiences will not be disappointed!”

Warren Wilson Theatre commits itself to personal development and creative collaboration that empowers students to bring their artistic visions to life. We strive to create some of the most exciting and interesting theatre in the Asheville area at exceptionally affordable prices. Interested theatergoers and prospective students may visit our website at www.warren- wilson.edu/~theatre and sign up for our e-newsletter.


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