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Queer Resource Center merges with EMPOWER

Aaron Smith, Staff Writer

At the beginning of the semester, the Queer Resource Center (QRC) merged the EMPOWER Crew. The QRC, which was comprised of two student workers, was absorbed by EMPOWER. One of the original QRC crew members, however, left the college for this spring semester.

“There was really no merge,” said sophomore Michael Carter, EMPOWER Crew member, “it was more of a dissolution of the QRC into [EMPOWER] and there was really no controversy. We were just all saddened that the QRC couldn’t hold its crew status. I mean, we just had the same priorities.”

The EMPOWER Crew is still run in the same way and there has been no need for re- prioritizing the issues the crew pursues. The space in lower Vining A which was to be the designated QRC office will be transformed into a common area for the residents of that dorm.

When asked whether the QRC would ever be its own crew again, Carter said, “There are people on EMPOWER dedicated to queer issues.”

All in all, the change was seen as a necessary one which will, rather than eliminate a crew entirely, improve one already in existence and with members focused on queer issues.


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