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The Green Buzz 2.9.11

Keep an eye on water usage.

Public Safety Report

2-6-11 Time-10:00pm Location-Lower Gladfelter Incident-Vandalism Narrative-On date and time above, while Public safety Officer was checking the building damage was found to the ping pong table-under investigation.

Response to ADD Editorial

Julia Page, ’11 I appreciated your decision to publish an anonymous article about the stigma attached to having a diagnosis of, and taking medication prescribed for, ADHD. Like the author of that piece, I have ADHD and have been taking Concerta off and on, in various dosages, since I was in high school. I like [...]


We need more of it in a larger variety, of a better quality and more frequently.

Spiritual Activist Claudia Horwitz comes to campus as 2011 Activist-in-Residence

Micah Wilkins, Staff Writer The Warren Wilson Activist-in-Residence Program began in 2010, an idea envisioned by Director of Spiritual Life Leah McCullough. “The hope was to bring an activist to campus for an extended period of time [...] so that students could interact more deeply – to engage and learn from the person in formal [...]

Showing up to make a change

Community discussion of the governance structure held in the chapel

Joel Adams returns as board of trustees chair

New chair of the board

Brock calls for new process on diversity issues

Professor responds to equity stipend debate

Staff Forum gets heated as equity stipend debated is reignited

Christian Diaz, Staff Writer Staff Forum has set forth a motion to request from the board of trustees information relating to a possible equity compensation for employees in domestic partnerships who pay taxes on medical benefits. The proposal is a response to unequal treatment of domestic partnerships on behalf of the law, which does not [...]

Alicia Rink “Runs for Freedom”

Student completes half marathon to celebrate overcoming near-death struggle with Anorexia

Burst pipe floods Village A

Damaged property belonging to residents will not be reimbursed due to lack of renter’s insurance

College partners with Asheville Transit to expand bus service

To Black Mountain!

Mango language program creates learning opportunities online

Japanese? Russian? Now you can learn.

Tests identify E. Coli hot spots in river, efforts begin to “upgrade” river from grade C to B

Checking the quality of the Swannanoa

The Green Buzz 2.4.11

from The ELC The Environmental Leadership Center’s Campus Greening Crew is proud to resurrect The Green Buzz—a regular Echo column devoted to exploring, myth-busting and celebrating WWC’s sustainability pursuits.  Please send us ideas of topics you’d like us to cover, myths you’d like us to bust, or actions on campus that deserve recognition.  Send to [...]

Biggest energy burden on campus: H20

Did you know what the biggest waste of energy was on WWC’s campus.

Why I’m scared to come out as ADD on campus

Members of the Warren Wilson College Community, I’ve recently had two very interesting talks with two different friends about Attention Deficit Disorder. I myself am diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder), which is encompassed by the ADD label. This has always been a delicate issue among my friends, family and in my own private [...]

Impending Doom: A discussion of zombiicfation prevention

Many of us are familiar with the story of how the Ninja Turtles came to be: a container of radioactive green glowing ooze spilled out onto four baby turtles and a rat causing them to grow abnormally large and super smart. After extensive training from Splinter in the art of ninjutsu the Teenage Mutant Ninja [...]

Stylish and decadent tragi-comedy on stage

from The Theater Crew Warren Wilson begins the new year with a Jacobean tragedy full of lust, treachery, retribution and – oddly – humor. Written by Thomas Middleton, Shakespeare’s contemporary, “Women Beware Women” has recently been performed by London’s National Theatre and the Red Bull Theatre of New York City. Written almost 400 years ago and adapted [...]

Advancement Office seeks students to join the Phonathon team this Spring

from The Advancement Office It’s a special time of year. The days get longer. Birds fly home. And a select group of college students take to the phones to fundraise for Warren Wilson. In a college Phonathon, representatives call alumni and chat, usually updating contact information and inviting them to honor the college with a [...]

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