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Letter from the Editor


There’s something unknowable and complex about the meaning coffee has.

It’s nice that it’s caffeinated and a reliable stimulant appropriate for aligning your energy level with the chaotic movement and activity of the day. An object at rest tends to stay at rest, but coffee sort of defies physics. Everything is already moving by the time you wake up and coffee helps you leap on the train with finesse.

There’s more, though.

There’s a smell to it that’s rapturous. It’s color is multi-dimensional: dark, but more complex than that.
We need more of it. More varieties.

The Campus Store made a great decision in offering coffee from Dynamite, the roaster towards Black Mountain.
Aspretto, the semi-chic reboot of Sodexo’s industrially-distributed stuff isn’t even that bad.

Sage Café, our on-site barista-ville, offers Dynamite, too.

We need some setup, though, that can wander around campus and prop up all the people who are starting to fumble the train’s handholds.

Sage is only open in the late afternoon and the bookstore only offers coffee or tea with creamer.

We need a portable espresso cart to be staffed during the day by Sage Café crew members.

As the weather starts to improve, the cart can sit outside on the Cowpie patio or near the wall outside of Gladfelter.

The traveling service, which could move to the areas with most traffic, would extend hours for Sage Café crew members, and provide a functional space around which people can gather and communicate.

Imagine, in the spring, multitudes of chatty, contended students circled around a Sage employee graciously preparing cappuccinos and shots of espresso while everyone listens to the band.

There’s a survey circulating around for students. Indicate that a roving coffee bar is something you’d like to see.


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