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Burglary from vending machines in Dorland

LaTischa Franzmeier, Staff Writer

The guts of the Dorland vending machines have a specific surgeon. His name is Josh Tager and he is the sole proprietor of Natural Nosh LLC, his local vending machine company. Threading a few Clif Bars into the empty slots of a vending machine, Tager told of how he moved from New York and started his own business. He has had to purchase new parts for his vending machine due to damages from theft.

Said Tager of a specific part of the machine, “the replacement was $75.”

It will take over $200 to completely repair the vending machine in Dorland. Unknown perpetrators threaded a bent clothes hanger through the top of the machine to knock snacks down. In the process, they broke the display light and damaged the top and side panels of the machine beyond repair.

“I understand,” said Tager. “I was a college kid once.”

Tager is patient, but a hand-written sign on the side of the Dorland machine reads, “If you keep messing with the machine, I will have to remove it.”

Missing midnight snacks will not be the only consequence if the theft continues.

“If [the thief is] a student, that would be up to Student Life,” wrote Director of Public Safety Terry Payne. “If it’s someone from off campus, they could face criminal charges.”

Payne also stressed the importance of community members reporting anything suspicious about the theft from the vending machines.


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