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Public Safety Reports for January 10th-16th

1-10-11 Time-Unknown Location- DeVries Locker room Incident-Theft Narrative-Four pairs of basketball shoes taken from locker room. 1-12-11 Time-4:45pm Location-Cow Pie Incident-Theft Narrative-Six bottles of wine taken from cooler. 1-13-11 Time-3:10pm Location-Eco Dorm Incident-Fire Alarm Narrative-Alarm set off by burnt food. Alarm reset by Swannanoa Fire Dept. 1-13-11 Time-3:18pm Location-ANTC Narrative-Alarm set off by dust from [...]

Biggest energy burden on campus: water

Jess Fadem, Energy Services’ plumbing specialist, developed a plan to drastically reduce water usage in a majority of buildings across the Warren Wilson College campus.

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