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Wanted: The King of Toys

Micah Wilkins, Staff Writer (mwilkins@wwc)

The library installation from the King of Toys features toy animals (among other things) parachuting from the ceiling.

On the afternoon of Sunday, Dec. 5, students wandered into the library to do homework and prepare for exams, but they ended up studying something else – a brand new King of Toys installation that features two airplanes suspended in the air from the ceiling, followed by a trail of animals parachuting downward.

The night before students came across the installment, directly after an incident of alcohol poisoning in Sunderland, Public Safety issued a report of breaking and entering in the school’s library.

According to the report, “person or persons unknown entered library causing damage to ceiling.”

This “damage to ceiling” was the installation by the King of Toys.

Public Safety reported the incident to the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Department Sunday, as the act is considered to be breaking and entering and thus a crime, according to Director of Public Safety Terry Payne. Since the incident is still under investigation, Payne refrained from discussing the incident further.

The King of Toys has been active since last year, putting up installations of animals and dinosaurs throughout campus. But this is the first time that an installment has been investigated. However, this particular project is the largest and most visible yet, which may explain why Public Safety decided to report it to the sheriff’s department.

The King of Toys left a note with the installation that stated:
We come from the land of toys.
We were sent by the Kings
to watch over the girls and boys.
The note was later confiscated as evidence.

If the King of Toys is identified, they may face burglary charges. However, according to Payne, the plan of action, and whether to punish the King of Toys if identified, would be up to the Dean of Students.

The librarians are upset with the whoever put up the installation, according to one student Library Crew member who wished to remain anonymous.

“I know the library is upset just because of how they put it up,” the crew member said, “because the door was unlocked after they left.”

The fact that the door was left unlocked is a “big danger with all the stuff in here” the crew member said.

Because the doors were unlocked, there were people in the library before the reference librarian arrived Sunday afternoon, according to the crew member. The King of Toys, however, claims to not have left the door unlocked.

Nonetheless, the installation may soon be taken down, despite the interest of many students, said the Library Crew member.

The King of Toys preferred not to be included in this article, saying, “our only statement is what’s hanging in there.”


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  1. Here you go.


    Posted by Moses Alexander Hubing-Cooper | December 13, 2010, 4:42 pm
  2. Dear Community,

    “The King of Toys” has been exposed. You are welcome.


    Posted by Moses Alexander Hubing-Cooper | December 13, 2010, 6:59 pm

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