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Public Safety reports Nov. 29 – Dec. 5, 2010

via Terry Payne, Director of Public Safety (tpayne@wwc)


Time- unknown

Location- Morse/Witherspoon


Narrative- Sometime during Thanksgiving break person or persons unknown stole items from Morse/Witherspoon. BCSD notified.


Time- 7am

Location- Bryson

Incident- Fire Alarm

Narrative-Officers responded to a fire alarm, which turned out to be false. Referred to electrical crew.


Time- 12:30am

Location- 106 North Lane

Incident- Vandalism

Narrative- It was reported that person or persons unknown scattered broken glass in the driveway of the above address. Also it was found that a fence was also damaged. BCSD to increase patrols in the area.



Location- Dorland

Incident- Violation of Drug and Alcohol Policy

Narrative- While Public Safety Officers were doing rounds the odor of marijuana was found. On duty RD called to the scene. Rd announce presence, opened dorm door and found drug pipe, alcohol, and loose marijuana in plain view. Occupants were given community violations for underage drinking and violation of drug policy.


Time- 1:27am

Location- Lower Glad

Incident- Medical Emergency

Narrative- Victim having seizure, transported to hospital by EMS.


Time- 1:40am

Location- Sunderland

Incident- Alcohol Poisoning

Narrative- Student transported to hospital by EMS,issued community violation for under age drinking.


Time- Unknown

Location- College Library

Incident- Breaking & Entering

Narrative-Person or persons unknown entered library causing damage to ceiling. BCSD contacted.



Location- Forestry Tool Shed

Incident- Breaking & Entering

Narrative- Public Safety Officer found a shutter had been removed to gain entry. Unknown what is missing at time of report. BCSD contacted


Time- 9:18pm

Location- College Chapel

Incident- Breaking & Entering

Narrative- Suspect entered Chapel and climbed over door to gain access to secured area. Suspect identified and information turned over to Student Life. Suspect also issued community violation.


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