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An update and reminder from the Environmental Leadership Center

Environmental Leadership Center, Guest Writers

This has been a year of growth at WWC.  We have seen struggles in accommodating a larger student body, and the subsequent need for attention to almost every facet of life on campus.  In this vein, efforts around environmental responsibility have been stressed in order to accommodate the increased need for awareness on campus.  At the Environmental Leadership Center, focus has been directed towards educational campaigns that run in line with the interests of the Climate Action Goal: a 25% reduction in Electricity and a 20% reduction in Natural Gas use by 2014.  Luckily, the Environmental Leadership Center, Environmental Justice, and the Energy Services Crews have been working to facilitate reduction in both carbon emissions and environmental resource degradation — from Appalachia Rising and  the Sustainability Film Series to real-time energy monitoring and amendments to the Sustainable Purchasing Policy, these crews have worked to engage as many students as possible.  Campus Greening Crew, an offshoot of the Environmental Leadership Center, has launched a new campaign on campus to engage community members in the immediate reduction of Carbon emissions: free tire pressure check-ups.  What we have learned, through some pretty hefty research, is that students, staff, and faculty can save a great deal of coin and gas through tire pressure maintenance.  One of the crew members students on Campus Greening actually saw an increase in the number of miles traveled before re-fueling by an amount of nearly 25 miles!  So, if you see some folks walking around checking tires and leaving notes on cars, don’t be alarmed.  The notes simply detail the amount of air in each of your tires (if under-inflated) along with some facts about Green House Gas Emissions.  We at Greening are hopeful that this type of campaign will allow all community members at WWC the chance to directly participate in emission reductions.  Remember a little time to fill your tires will save money, time, and the environment!  Give a Hoot!


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