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Public Safety Report Dec. 13-19

12-13-10 Time-11:16am Location-Soccer Practice Field Incident-vandalism Narrative-Student caught riding motorcycle on field. Referred to Student Life 12-15-10 Time-8:15am Location-Eco Dorm Incident-Fire Alarm Narrative-Alarm caused by burnt toast 12-15-10 Time-1:22pm Location-ANTC Dorm Incident-Fire Alarm Narrative-Alarm set off by faulty heat sensor. 12-15-10 Time-11:59pm Location-Village A Dorm Incident-Fire Alarm Narrative-Alarm set off by sprinkler malfunction.

Public Safety reports Dec. 6 – 12, 2010

Public Safety’s reports about incidents on campus that occurred December 6 through 12, from Director Terry Payne.

Creating a new foundation for the college

College Chaplain Steve Runholt indicated in his Thanksgiving sermon that Warren Wilson College was founded on “three core Calvinist values: education, industry and righteousness.”

Burning Independence

One of my first and fondest memories is of playing with fire. The multitude of memories have, with time, become distilled into one.

Walking back alone

Although our campus feels secure, it is important to remember that the “Wilson bubble” can be popped.
Sophomore Sydney Gregory was attacked on campus this October. Here, she shares her story.

Emergency response drill leaves students cold and confused

Had this been an actual event where there was a threat, human or environmental, to the campus community, it seems that few would be aware of it and most of the campus would be unaccounted for.

Wanted: The King of Toys

Public Safety hunts for mastermind behind new toy installation in the library.

Margo Flood resigns from post as executive director of Environmental Leadership Center

President Pfeiffer, Open Letter (pfeiffer@wwc) To the Campus Community: I regret to inform you that Margo Flood has decided to resign from her roles as executive director of the Environmental Leadership Center (ELC) and chief sustainability official of the College, effective May 15, 2011. The ELC has contributed greatly to the success of the College, [...]

An update and reminder from the Environmental Leadership Center

At the Environmental Leadership Center, focus has been directed towards educational campaigns that run in line with the interests of the Climate Action Goal: a 25% reduction in Electricity and a 20% reduction in Natural Gas use by 2014.

Harvest service includes animals, a decades-old tradition

The Thanksgiving harvest display has included animals from the farm for 77 years, a tradition which began with Bernhard Laursen, the college’s first farm manager in1933, the College Pastor Steve Runholt said in his sermon.

Know your rights!

A college student’s guide to their rights in a dormitory, as defined by federal, state and campus-based authorities.

RISE Crew accepting Knit for Nancy donations

The RISE Project is accepting donations for Knit for Nancy. Who is Nancy? Nancy is any woman or child living in the safe-house at Helpmate, Asheville’s domestic violence agency. Knit for Nancy will be collecting hand-knitted or crocheted scarves, hats, gloves, socks, and other items. You can receive up to four hours of service per item and up to 25 total hours of service per Knit for Nancy drive.

The Birds, the Bees, the Owls: Polyamorous Relationships and Group Sex on campus

Warren Wilson culture goes far out of its way to protect one’s right to any sexual preference, but recent events in Dorland have lead some students to question just how far we should go with our right to “free love.”

Five Residence Life staff leave posts

A number of resident assistants on campus have decided to throw in the towel after this semester due to an increase in position responsibilities.

Public Safety reports Nov. 29 – Dec. 5, 2010

Public Safety’s reports about incidents on campus that occurred from November 29 to December 5, from Director Terry Payne.

Fewer early decision applications may foreshadow budgetary problems

Early decision applications are in, and there are 33% fewer than at this time last year Admissions reports. Although it is too early to tell, the possibility of low enrollment coupled with a low retention rate threatens the school with budgetary troubles in the next school year.

Grower pigs contract porcine cirvovirus type 2, 8 get sick or die

“Out of out of our 40 pigs, we had eight get sick or die,” said Chandler. “We had a vet come in and try to give them antibiotics, but that did not work. Nothing seemed to be working.”

After assault incident and ‘Increased Enforcement Meetings,’ Caucus requires monthly report from Public Safety

Student Caucus recently passed a proposal which would “require public safety to release a monthly report of all incidents recorded by the Public Safety Officers.”

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