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The Echo Blog will serve the Warren Wilson community as a means to break the barrier between this back to the land ethic and cyberspace, shatter the invisible bubble of the Warren Wilson campus, and carve a niche out of cyberspace that is our own.


“Hey, watch it!” I shout, slamming on my brakes to allow for the one ton, dual wheeled, truck to cut me off, almost forcing me into the curb.

Student Caucus co-convener resigns early

Student Caucus Co-Convener and senior Alexander Howard announced his resignation from the position last week. Howard will leave his post at the end of the semester and Caucus voting members will soon elect a new co-convener to take his place.

Hinds’ Feet Farm partners with Warren Wilson biopsychology class

Hinds’ Feet Farm, a program dedicated to teaching practical job skills to adults who have suffered traumatic brain injuries, partnered up with Warren Wilson this semester through Psychology Professor Jen Mozolic’s biopsychology class.

Results from Governance Taskforce Survey

Read the results from the recent governance survey conducted by the strategic planning subcommittee.

Co-Convener resigns, group conflicted about role on campus

One of the three co-conveners of Student Caucus has issued his letter of resignation, effective at the end of this semester. Read the letter here, special to the website.

Archery club

If the absence of bow-bearing Warren Wilson kids shooting arrows around campus has been bringing you down lately, turn that frown upside-down! Juniors Sam Wasko and Eric von Aschewege have decided to cure those archery blues by reviving the long-gone Archery Club.

Students react to strategic efforts to curb substance use on campus

The school, according to several students, fails to take into account a greater problem linked to substance use, particularly the smoking of tobacco. Students feel that there are too few opportunities and settings for students to gather and socialize. This problem has only been exacerbated by school policy, which makes it more difficult for parties to be organized. The introduction of party contracts and limits on the number of occupants allowed in rooms aggravate the problem of socializing further.

Carson renovations

“Last week we began cleaning the contents of the building,” said Steve Farrell, supervisor of design and construction. This meant transporting the furniture, books and keepsakes inside Carson to a warehouse in Arden, NC, which specializes in mold removal.

Stream diversion by MACFC

This fall, the Farm Crew set out to restore the landscape surrounding a stream by Dam Pasture.

Transgender awareness week

The event lineup included one trans-focused workshop each night, covering topics including: establishing a transgender vernacular and creating a space to talk about trans issues on campus; health, sex, and sexuality; the formation and expression of queer identities through a lens of spirituality; and the treatment of transgender prisoners.

Proposed whistle-blower policy in staff forum

A whistleblower policy will be voted upon in Staff Forum next week. If approved, the policy will allow staff, faculty and students to report illegal activities with less fear of reprisal or retaliation.

Sexual liberation on stage: a preview of “Cloud 9″

Wendy Eliot, Guest Writer (weliot@wwc) Warren Wilson Theatre begins its 2010-2011 season with a satire of sex, race and class, appropriately titled Cloud Nine, playing November 11th through November 14th. Written by award winning playwright Caryl Churchill, this play has been called by critics a “special workout for the imagination.” Cloud Nine takes place in [...]

Frustration high at “increased enforcement” meeting

The method of procedure with which Student Caucus conducted Tuesday’s community meeting was an problem for students attending. The meeting was organized to address issues of increased enforcement on campus.

Annual campus crime and security report, 2009

The college offers statistics on drug and alcohol use on campus as well as other violations. Look at the bottom of the second page to find information about conduct violations.

Admissions reports for fall and spring semesters

Take a look at these reports on various aspects of the Admissions process throughout the years, and a look at what’s coming up with numbers for the spring semester.

Network performance summary

Wondering what’s been going on with the network lately? Check out these network performance summary reports from Computing Services.

New special topics courses for the second semester

A handful of new, special topics courses that cover a variety of disciplines will be offered this spring.

This is how lonely it gets

“Well, going to sleep I guess. When you’re lying in your bed and you’re too tired to read, or write—you’re just lying down. A lot of people put music on or listen to the radio. And I don’t mean to make too much of a generalization, or impose an opinion when I could just be a little tired myself, but why don’t you, not you, like a general you, the plebeian you, why don’t you just go to sleep?”

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