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Proposed Media Production Crew draws favorable responses

Chase Cerbin, Staff Writer (ccerbin@wwc)

Judging by staff and faculty responses, a media production work crew may soon be established on campus.

“The crew would mainly be focused on documenting the speakers that come to campus and other notable events,” said junior William Connelly, who has proposed the crew. “These videos would be made publicly available for anyone to view online.”

Connelly believes these videos could be used as a marketing tool by the college.

“I think this crew could help the school in a multitude of ways,” said Connelly. “The school is doing a lot of really great things, but what they are doing is not really being shown to the world. There has been a lot of talk about the school trying to change its reputation and this is a really a great way to show the world who we are and what we are doing. We could serve as a model for other schools and communities.”

Student William Connelly, founder of the media crew initiative

Beside documenting events at Warren Wilson and making them available to the public, the crew would also produce and assist in the production of training videos. As currently envisioned, they would have the capability to train other crews or help them edit down a video into a final product. These films could be safety or demonstration videos which could then be used to train new crew members.

Endorsements for the crew have poured in from 15 different staff and faculty thus far.

“Please do list me as a supporter of this crew,” said Dan Seeger, the director of Student Activities. “Not only would this be a valuable addition to the [Warren Wilson] work landscape, but I’d argue it’s long overdue. Preserving different elements of campus life is something I think should be happening more often and with greater care. Drag Show, Circus and Commencement are just the biggest programs in my area that would benefit from having a well made video.”

Other staff and faculty have envisioned the crew making videos of theatrical productions on campus, old-time music nights or the daily life of the farm.

“This is a great idea. I would love some help with documenting what we do at the farm, [the crew would have] my support,” wrote farm manager Chase Hubbard.

Along with endorsements, Connelly has also gotten Campus Communications Director John Bowers to sign on as the proposed supervisor.

If the crew is implemented, it will initially have one to three members. That could grow with demand and interest, which seems to be prevalent among the staff and faculty.

Connelly has aspirations that the crew, if founded, could eventually lead to a new department.

“Ultimately, I would like to see all of this develop into a media department,” said Connelly. “I know [Appalachian Studies Professor] Jeff Keith is really enthusiastic about getting something like this set up. Last semester he had a class based around video production [“Filming Appalachia”] and I directed a documentary [called “We Still Lay,” available for viewing on the Warren Wilson YouTube Channel] for it which turned out quite well. It ended up being shown at the Asheville Food and Environmental Film Festival.”

The crew proposal has been submitted to the Work Program and could be implemented as early spring semester, according to Connelly. It is currently awaiting review by the Work Program Advisory Committee.

“I am just really hoping this crew can come together because I believe it will meet an unmet need of the college,” said Connelly. “I look forward to hearing the outcome.”


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