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The king of toys: anonymous student adorns campus with “installations” of miniature toy animals

Without revealing his identity, the “King of Toys” gives us a peek into his world of little plastic critters and night time installation adventures, and sparks a sense of curiosity and wonder in us all.

Village B questions “Quiet Contract,” sparks curiosity about the whats and whys of housing contracts

For all four types of specialized housing — Substance Free/Wellness, Designated Quiet, Preston House Co-op, and Ecodorm — there is a specific contract, and each one carries the same consequence for breach of guidelines: potential relocation. Are these contracts practical? Area Coordinator of the Village and Housing Coordinator Joyce Milling talks about community.

Current community issue: sexual harassment via campus phone lines

Students on campus have been receiving phone calls recently whose nature qualifies as sexual harassment. Dean of Students Deb Myers responds to questions about the calls.

Wabash Survey Documents

Find out about students’ Warren Wilson experience and how that compares to other colleges in the country.

Strategic Plan Documents

View recent strategic planning documents distributed by College President Sandy Pfeiffer.

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