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Fashion by Beau: men and the scarf

Men, do not refrain from wearing a scarf in these colder months because you may consider it too feminine or unfitting of your ruddy, hard working, imposing self. Scarves are practical, stylish, and very complimentary to your normal wardrobe, assuming that wardrobe maintains an inherent style already, that is.

Approach the colder months with a plan. Use different fabrics and fibers as the days get colder and colder.

Start with a wool/cotton blend and wear thicker, warmer fabrics as the temperature descends. October: a thin cashmere or wool/cotton blend. November: upgrade, a thicker lambs wool selection is in order. December and January: make it thick, long, and able to be wrapped multiple times. Always remember to pair colors well, although the strategic clash works well sometimes.

Finally, enough with the keffiyeh!


One Response to “Fashion by Beau: men and the scarf”

  1. ENOUGH WITH THE KEFFIYEH! Enough with cultural appropriation. Especially at Warren Wilson.

    Posted by Madeline | April 14, 2011, 1:08 am

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