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Farm Manager Chase Hubbard elected to Conservation Board

Warren Wilson’s Farm Manager Chase Hubbard defeated incumbent Jeff Turner on Tuesdays’ election by 143 votes, earning a spot on Buncombe County’s Soil and Water Conservation Board.

Politix: 2010 midterm election results

Micah Wilkins, Staff Writer (mwilkins@wwc) The votes are in, the ballots have been counted, and the Republicans have made several victories throughout the country. But in Buncombe county, where 45 percent of the population came out to vote, many of the Democratic candidates were successful by the end of the night Tuesday. This midterm election [...]

Mountain Bike Team shreds mad gnar all the way to the podium

After three days of cutting necks and cashing checks, the Mountain Bike team emerged victorious from the 2010 USA Cycling Collegiate Mountain Bike National Championship with the third place title in the Division II tournament.

Interview with Writer-in-Residence Janisse Ray

Lane Emmons, Features Editor (lemmons@wwc) This year’s Writer in Residence was Janisse Ray. Ray is a writer, naturalist and environmental activist. Her work includes “Ecology of a Cracker Childhood,” and “Wildcard Quilt: Taking a Chance on Home,” both memoirs; “Between Two Rivers: Stories from the Red Hills to the Gulf,” and “Pinhook: Finding Wholeness in [...]

Mikel Oboyski’s magic school bus

Wondering about the bus parked by the soccer fields? Information about “The Golden Toad,” and proposed alternatives to dorm-living are discussed.

Warren Wilson will pioneer MAT program in Asheville region

Buzz is spreading around Warren Wilson’s new graduate program that is set to begin this summer. The Masters in Teaching program is focused on experiential learning that places emphasis on both theory and practice simultaneously while incorporating the values that are celebrated at Warren Wilson, such as environmental consciousness and cross-cultural understanding.

Nudists, bear hunters, and Baptists? Oh my!: service trips provide exciting yet meaningful break experience

Morgan Steele, Staff Writer (msteele@wwc) Cumberland Island, GA Student leaders: Hayley Hoover, junior; Lora Moon, senior Faculty/staff leaders: Tom LaMuraglia, Landscaping Crew Supervisor; Robert Hastings, Environmental Studies Location: Cumberland Island, South East Georgia Work: Built picnic tables, cleared debris from the foundation of a historic 19th century house, and completed a variety of tasks for [...]

Proposed Media Production Crew draws favorable responses

“Preserving different elements of campus life is something I think should be happening more often, and with greater care,” said Dan Seeger, director of student activities.

Computing Services: inside your campus internetz, fixin’ your frustrationz

Chris Biddle, Staff Writer (cbiddle@wwc) It’s regrettably late on a Thursday night, and you’re working on that term paper that’s worth half of your grade.  You use what information you can get in the library, but the key sources to pull your paper together can only be found on the Internet.  The only problem is [...]

Why we don’t have snacks

Warren Wilson College lacks a suitable space in which students can congregate. Most colleges are outfitted with some center which features various services for students throughout the day: food, activities, rest and a place where students can commune between classes and work.

Fashion by Beau: men and the scarf

Men, do not refrain from wearing a scarf in these colder months because you may consider it too feminine or unfitting of your ruddy, hard working, imposing self.

Response to governance editorial

Warren Wilson College, special, because of where it is, because of our Triad-grounded education – with a further special, a governance system unique to the way we order our daily life.

What’s new at the bike shop?

That’s about to change, though. Xenia Pantos, one of only two crew members who held over from last year’s crew, was looking through some old Bike Shop records when she made a discovery: a system that streamlined the pickup and drop-off of bicycles.

Warren Wilson participates in 350 climate campaign

Elizabeth Bonham, Design Editor (ebonham@wwc) Climate change activist and author Bill McKibben adressed an enthusiastic crowd Wednesday night in the college Chapel. His second visit to Warren Wilson in the past five years, McKibben delivered his lecture as part of his latest “350 mission” environmental action tour. The audience, which more than filled the capacity [...]

A sense of place

The air tastes richer than in August, the taste of the last tomatoes dripping from your tongue, only to be replaced by the rich crack of an apple. The tart wince of cider, and the smell of smoke rising from every chimney, excite your senses till you feel tired while your heart is full.

To know thyself

“The army is not a simple thing. It’s strange to me that I have a gun and I know how to use it.” A piece about friendship crossing barriers of place and value.

John Brock and students to study health impacts of climate change

Acting division chair of environmental science and chemistry professor John Brock, Ph.D, has received a federal grant from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to study the health impacts of climate change in southern Appalachia.

Wabash survey stirs academic pot

The Wabash survey results have sparked an intense dialogue among students and faculty at the college. “Let’s lay it out on the table and talk about it,” Jeff Holmes said.

Student caucus grants debated and approved

What did grant proposals look like this semester? From an aquaphonics project to a writing center conference, read more about what our students and crews plan to use grant money for.

So your water looks clean

Last year the campus greening crew found that over 20 offices regularly purchased bottled water coolers. If we are going to buy jugs of water for departments or crews, shouldn’t we be buying them locally? What’s the truth behind bottled water and purity levels?

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