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The Artful Roll

I do not deny that utility should, at times, come before style. Or, at least, utility and style should be unified, for both are improved in that case. I notice, too, that utility is very important at an institution in which most students are preoccupied with strenuous academics, grueling labor and benevolent service.

As always, there is no reason though why style cannot remain in the minds  of a diligent student body – although their preoccupations may be many. I will then speak to how one can accommodate this tension between utility and style.

Denim is the perfect representative of a useful fiber and is found on the dirtiest of sorts and the most exquisite. Though the  outfit composed of a pair of jeans, a denim shrit, and a denim jacket, is diplorable, conservative use of a denim article (such as the pairing of jeans with a contrasting shirt, or a denim jacket with grey slacks) can provide a casual, yet durable, yet sophisticated look.

A pair of jeans is the most apparent example of denim in one’s outfit. And there are ways to wear jeans well and ways to abuse them.

Even though utility may demand that jeans be rolled to avoid the fraying of hems, even a rolled jean can be executed to maintain a stylish presence.

The artful roll then, is not to shorten your jeans by folding them in successive symmetrical squares, each an inch wide. Give a spontaneous attitude to your dress by rolling your pants asymmetrically. Pinch and dimple your hems as you roll them up. Let the bottoms fall differently on your boots and do not adjust them if they lose symmetry.

Try the artful roll and see what the act of “trying not to try” does to your dress.

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