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Bountiful Labors (A Farm Report)

The Summer Crew of the Warren Wilson Farm

Erin Pesut, Farm Correspondent

Despite the heat and drinking copious amounts of Gatorade, summer farm crew members Kelsey Chandler, Phelan O’Connor, Patrick Sweatt, Martha Skelley, Katherine Brewer, and Clara Osborne woke up before sunrise and worked hard to keep farm operations running smoothly.

“Waking up everyday, I think about what’s happening on the farm,” O’Connor said.

The 27-person crew during the school year dwindled to these six tough cookies who baked in the summer oven and didn’t let their chocolate chips melt.  They planted fields of Sudex, Sudan hybrids, weeded the soy crop, sold eggs from El Pollo Loco at local farmer’s markets, carefully tended to the cattle and swine herds, and enhanced their chicken processing skills.  In the few moments of downtime, they improved their basketball skills and enjoyed the constant coolness of the nearby Swannanoa River.  There may or may not be an emerging viral video circulating on YouTube showcasing the secret personalities behind a few of these workers.

This past summer the farm bought a new boar, Jasper, and acquired four new pigs named after Jane Austen-era characters.  Katy, the dairy cow, gave birth to Kanye, a rock star who is still being bottle-fed twice a day.
Jed Brown and his wife, Gretchen, welcomed their daughter Evelyn Mae into the world on August 5th. Congratulations to the Brown family!  On Jed’s days off he can be found fixing things, winning, or with his family.
With Lady Gaga and Eminem being the soundtrack of the summer, the crew also held the Jay-Z remix of “Forever Young” close to their hearts.
“Forever Young kept us going,” Brewer said, also citing 96.5 The Mix as inspiration. This summer crew has decided to permanently remember their summer with tattoos making the summer literally unforgettable.

Jasper the Boar


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