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College struggles to accomodate unbalanced gender ratios

by Micah Wilkins, Staff Writer (mwilkins@wwc)

According to the Office of Advancement, Warren Wilson is not overbooked.

In fact, the College intentionally under-booked this year, making the school underpopulated compared to years past, according to Richard Blomgren, vice president for advancement.

However, in the clamber to move students into their dorms, some students were temporarily placed in old study rooms.

While Wilson may not be overpopulated, the residence situation does give that impression.

The housing problem is not one of overpopulation, said Assistant Dean of Student Life Sherolyn Hopkins, but rather a combination of two components: an increase in the number of students living on campus, and, mostly, the substantial gender imbalance among students at Wilson.

“We have some spaces in our residence halls and the only reason we have students living in old study rooms is because the gender [ratio] is not balanced,” Hopkins said. “Spaces we have available are [open] because of gender. If it all worked out gender-wise, [students] would all fit.”

Due to overbooking in the past two years, fewer students were admitted this year than in years past.

According to Blomgren, Wilson welcomed 307 new students last week, including transfers, new students, re-admitted students, students that took time off and others. This number is considerably lower than the 341 new students from last year, and the 359 new students admitted the year before last.

The problem with gender imbalance in Wilson residence halls then raises the issue of co-ed dorm rooms.

And where does the trans community come into play in this issue? Should trans people be given a a residence hall or a floor of their own?


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