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Making mealtimes more enjoyable: Co-ops on Campus

Campus food co-operatives provide interesting alternatives for students dissatisfied with Gladfelter and Cowpie dining options.

The Company That Serves Us: A Look into Sodexo, Pt. 1

Sodexo, Inc. touts itself as the leading provider of food services and facilities management in the United States, Canada and Mexico, serving over 10 million people in 6,000 different locations everyday. More relevantly, Sodexo provides the food at Warren Wilson.

Interview with MFA Graduate and Poet Richard Garcia

MFA graduate Richard Garcia will read at Sage Café on April 5 at 8 p.m. He has published several books of poetry, including The Flying Garcias.

Word of the Student Trustee

A submission from Gideon Burdick, the student trustee.

Dean of students and college counselors respond to incident

Cathy Kramer, dean of student life, is reviewing and revising College protocol for intervening in situations that call for off-campus support in Student Life.

Providing a more personal forum for feedback

How could Warren Wilson College allow more immediate and personal feedback from the community?

Casting a Brown-Eye on a Sordid Matter

Is there a more environmentally friendly and sanitary method to cleaning yourself after taking a poop than toilet paper?

Candidates for NC House of Representatives to Debate on Campus

On April 14, Warren Wilson Students for Change will be hosting incumbent state representative Bruce Goforth and challenger Patsy Keever for a debate on campus in preparation for the upcoming primary.

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