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Local food project at Gladfelter

Maddy Kenny, guest writer

Warren Wilson, are you ready for the most enriching cafeteria experience? The choice is yours: read the boards, consider your options, and eat consciously.

The Community Organizing for Sustainable Living class is bringing you an opportunity to become aware of your food choices via nutrition facts and the PROXIMITY MAP! From the 300 surveys we collected in Gladfelter and Cowpie, the majority of you are aware of the affects your food choices have in and out of the US. 90 percent of you said labeling local foods would affect your food choices while 88 percent said you would be willing to drop select food items for more local items. Gladfelter managers and fellow Sodexo employees have also expressed their commitment to serving you MORE LOCAL FOODS, and now the proximity map can help you too.

The heat is on, and I don’t mean Osborn’s Hellfire Honey Jobanero Sauce. It is your time to take charge of your meal plan. Gladfelter wants to work with the student body to fill your bellies and feed your soul, but we the students have been shoddy in our attempts to communicate. So here it goes; the Food Love Team will be encouraging action in Gladfelter, use of the comment board, conversations at work and more turnip fries for lunch. Join us and submit your name for a delicious local dinner hosted by Michel Gentry.


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