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Reclaiming Style: Beau Brummell on Fashion

No doubt spring is here. Scenery abounds with verdant flora. Vegetation is awash with soft pastel flowers. Life has certainly returned to the landscape.

To adequately replicate the seasons and to represent the visions of vitality, a change in your own color is necessary. Retire the colors that served to absorb what little sunlight was offered by winter. You will look exhausted and rather like a Malamute in the tropics if you continue to wear dark colors throughout these warmer, sunnier days.
You ought to look renewed as the land around you. Sunlight is something to reflect and accentuate; it is no longer just a utility with which to warm yourself.

In these spring days look light and wear soft blues, greens and other floral tones. I hesitate to say that one should wear yellow, but, alas, it is spring and people do enjoy the color. Plain white is always a suitable reserve.

Just because it is warm and bright outdoors, do not think this an opportunity to reject clothing altogether. Always remain relatively conservative in your dress and you will be subtly fashionable. Freedom does not translate well into style.


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  1. Timeless advice! Though I will admit, rejecting clothing is such a suitable past time. Maybe it would be beneficial for Beau to explore the great outdoors without such limiting restrictions as fashion.

    Posted by Daya | April 20, 2010, 3:23 pm

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