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Candidates for NC House of Representatives to Debate on Campus

Able Allen, guest writer

On April 14, Warren Wilson Students for Change will be hosting incumbent state representative Bruce Goforth and challenger Patsy Keever for a debate on campus in preparation for the upcoming primary. The 115th District of North Carolina centers on Swannanoa. It stretches east to Black Mountain, north to the Blue Ridge Parkway, south to Fairview, and west to parts of downtown Asheville.  Early voting starts April 15, and the day of the primary is May 4th.  Both Goforth and Keever are longtime forces for the Democratic Party in the Asheville area.

This contest will decide which candidate will meet a republican challenger in the fall. This year there will not be a republican primary for this office. There is only one republican running. The importance of this primary for our local community and the state is immense, and students at Warren Wilson are in an excellent position to make a difference by voting. This contest will be decided by few enough voters that if one of these candidates carries Warren Wilson by a large margin, assuming a large campus turnout, that would likely be enough to ensure victory for that candidate.

Despite the fact that both Keever and Goforth are members of the same party, they are drastically different. They got into politics for different reasons and each of their priorities reflects their own stories. The debate promises to be enthralling and remarkably helpful for those who are undecided about who to support. It will be town hall style, in which the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions of the candidates dealing with their key issues as well as issues they have not addressed. Come join us on April 14.

To get involved, for more information or to register to vote on campus, contact Able Allen at aallen@warren-wilson.edu.


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