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A response to the “Noah’s Ark” party

Many were shocked and vilified when they first saw the advertisement of this “Noah’s Ark party.”

Earth day celebration on campus

Elizabeth Gunto, staff writer On April 19, Warren Wilson College will celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day in Canon  Lounge with poetry readings, an art show, old-time music and dancing. Poets, including Keith Flynn, Janisse Ray, Thomas Raincrow and Warren Wilson faculty such as Professor Catherine Reid and Sebastian Matthews, will read. The old-time [...]

The good Shepard: Residents protest new wellness housing agreement

Should the students choose to remain in Shepard next semester, it may mean adopting new lifestyle practices – both in and outside of the dorm.

Making campus trails safer

Gabriel Sistare, editor-in-chief Warren Wilson continues to debate how safety on campus trails and forests can be improved. At a recent meeting, the Buildings and Grounds Committee discussed whether or not a permit system was a practical strategy. A permit system would allow the college to create a database of trail and forest users for [...]

Sodexo close to home, pt. 2

While Sodexo is trying to improve their reputation, some students are still unhappy about supporting a corporate company with negative marks on its track record. Some want a change, but what would change look like and how much would it cost?

Recycling crew recieves award

“a business, government agency, school, organization or large-scale facility that designed and implemented a composting or organics-recycling program that has been in operation for one year.”

Theatre presents “The Bacchae”

On April 23-27 at 8 p.m. in the outdoor Kittredge Amphitheatre, the Warren Wilson Theatre will perform The Bacchae by Greek playwright Euripides.

SLO’s “Heart of the Issue”

Good conversation. Important topics. Great things to get excited about. Make it a point to stop by Thursday April 29; we look forward to seeing you!

Campus sees multiple staff searches

The college community should have a chance to meet candidates for the dean of students position before the year is out.

Local food project at Gladfelter

The choice is yours: read the boards, consider your options, and eat consciously.

Plumbing to install shower timers

As part of an ELC Campus Greening Seed Grant, 5 minute hourglass timers are set to become a fixture in all bathrooms to help students become more conscious of their water use.

Reclaiming Style: Beau Brummell on Fashion

To adequately replicate the seasons and to represent the visions of vitality, a change in your own color is necessary.

Buying Local: A green consideration

Beyond local food, much of the campus culture revolves around another agricultural enterprise: the purchase and consumption of marijuana.

Campus community considers how to make forests and trails safer

Warren Wilson continues to debate how safety on and in campus trails and forests can be improved.

A Response to the “Thug Life” Party

Laura Vance, PhD Professor of Sociology and Chair of Women and Gender Studies For predominantly white, relatively affluent college students to have a campus party at which they dress and act as (their conception of) “thugs” and then, when questioned about this behavior, defend their “Thug Life” party as merely an excuse to “shake our [...]

Incident of indecent exposure on river trail raises campus safety questions

An incident in which an individual from off-campus exposed himself to a bystander and started masturbating on the river trail has prompted the campus to assess the safety of campus trails and the issue of public access to the forest.

Gossip and romance from ’43

A selection from The Echo archives dated March 30, 1943.

Revision to campus alcohol policy delayed for one year

The board of trustees’ Student Life Committee has been given a year to review proposed revisions to Warren Wilson’s current alcohol policy.

Author Tony Earley to be 2010 Commencement Speaker

Warren Wilson graduate Tony Earley, class of 1983, has been chosen by President Sandy Pfeiffer to be the commencement speaker for graduation this spring.

Astrological Mischief

Alec Hamilton, guest writer Aries – This is your time of year! Your birthday is coming up (or just past), spring is on its way, the butterflies are singing, the birds are chirping, and you are just about to complete the most epic aerial dougan of your college career. Consider creating a short film or [...]

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