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Headwaters gather

Gabriel Sistare, staff writer Finding the river under the dregs: Moving with wartime urgency on climate change They may have been brought by a friend, asked by their employer, or inspired by Al Gore’s film “An Inconvenient Truth.” For whatever reason, they arrived. Over 300 people filled the chapel last Friday night to hear five [...]

Plasma donation: your body is producing it anyway

Matthew Byers, senior editor If you’ve ever been to a Greyhound station, you have an idea of what it’s like in the waiting room at the Plasma Biological Service (PBS) donation center. The hard plastic chairs, the vending machines, the amount of blood you’re liable to see – all identical (kidding about the blood). But [...]

Exotic dancing: make more, wear less

Elizabeth Gunto, staff writer For a lot of students, college can be difficult to afford. Even with loans or help from the folks, many people struggle with paying tuition and and bills while in school. One way some students make money is by working as an exotic dancer. At the the former Trophy Club, now [...]

What’s the fun in fundamentalism?

Alex Morris, senior editor It was April Fool’s day a year ago, I remember so vividly, when The Echo crew made a decision to publish a joke paper for the day.  Among other funny works, there was included in the satirical issue a play article on Sandy Pfeiffer’s house as a trailer, Cows on Campus [...]

Students return from term abroad in Chile

Ricky Ochilo, staff writer During this past fall term, a group of students led by Spanish Professor Luis Arevalo visited Chile as part of Warren Wilson’s study abroad program. The study abroad focused on understanding the history, heritage and cultural identity of Chile. “The benefit for the students was two fold. [The trip] provided a [...]

Moments Cafe offers quiche, smiles

Joseph Villers, staff writer Located on highway 70, Moments Cafe and Patisserie sits inside a 107 year old home, one of the first two structures to be built in Swannanoa (The other is the New Age Garden center next door). The doctor of Swannanoa formerly held his office here, and the home has also been [...]

“Take a break, for commmunity’s sake”

Elizabeth Bonham, staff writer This spring break, the Service Learning Office sponsored six break trips, that included over 50 students who earned more than 1500 combined hours. The six groups ventured to War, W.Va., Congaree National Park, S.C., Koinonia Farms, Ga., INSULATE! right here in Buncombe County, Pine Ridge Reservation, S.D., and Kentucky. The War, [...]

Survey shows growing tendency to “self medicate”

Elizabeth Bonham, staff writer A newly initiated Substance Use Task Force, constructed of students, faculty and staff, has been focusing on identification, explanation and prevention of drug and alcohol use on campus. According to a student survey about substance use published before spring break and comments from members of the task force, substance issues on [...]

Student wins grants to monitor dorm efficiency

Gabriel Sistare, staff writer Warren Wilson junior, Gideon Burdick, is out of the planning stages and into the essentials of his project to monitor the energy efficiency of all of the dorms on campus. Burdick borrowed the idea from Oberlin College’s similar project known as Real Time Energy Monitoring (RTEM), which monitors electrical usage. Once [...]

G.D Roundtable invites former Davidson pres

Ricky Ochilo, staff writer Warren Wilson College will once again host the George Donnell (G.D) Davidson Round table on April 16, 2009. The round table was set up to honor an Christian businessman, Donnell, who was one of the first settlers to establish a homeland with his family in the Swannanoa region. Dr. Robert Vagt, [...]

Staff body seeks formal recognition, voting rights

Gabriel Sistare, staff writer A proposal to establish a staff-only standing committee, known as Staff Body, is on the floor for debate in Staff Forum. In the current design of Staff Body, members voted overwhelmingly to create a body that would have the authority to consider and recommend policies that relate only to staff. Residence [...]

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