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Trustees and Pfeiffer create comittees to develop new strategic plan

Gabriel Sistare, staff writer

The Board of Trustees and college leadership are starting to discuss a brand new strategic plan for Warren Wilson.
At the most recent trustee meeting, the board voted to authorize a sub-committee to develop the plan.

The sub-committee consists of trustees, Ron Hunt, Vice-Chair Deborah Bailey, Tom Johnson, Henry Copeland, Steve Ummel and Leslie Anderson.

According to Staff Trustee Representative John Bowers, there is no specific timetable for the enactment of the plan, but it is likely that in fall 2009, staff and faculty will be included in the planning process.

Bowers indicated that the trustees and President Sandy Pfeiffer feel that the College’s current strategic plan is unusable and want to create a new one quickly.

The current strategic plan includes measures to strengthen the college’s educational program, reduce dependency on tuition, incorporate environmentally sound technologies, increase staff and faculty compensation, and other various initiatives.

Bowers said that most trustees realize that the College’s strength is in the triad and they are looking to refocus on that area.

According to Bowers, the strategic plan will be in effect only 3-6 years and will use some method to measure it’s performance, something Bowers says has not been done with other strategic plans.

There is a possibility, said Bowers, that a tentative strategic plan could be voted on at the Board of Trustees meeting in fall 2009.

The sub-committee is initiating a research process that will look into specific thoughts regarding areas that need to be addressed, what resources and models they should consider, and pitfalls they should try to avoid.
The sub-committee plans to have a recommendation soon for a carefully structured process that includes all stakeholders at the College.

On Friday, March 6, a survey was sent by Board of Trustees Vice-Chair Bailey to all members of the Warren Wilson community to ask for their thoughts, as Bailey said, “before we [strategic plan sub-committee] start in earnest.”
The survey will be available April 6.


One Response to “Trustees and Pfeiffer create comittees to develop new strategic plan”

  1. The irony is deafening after comparing this piece to Peard’s contribution.

    Warren Wilson’s real control lies in its administration, and the college’s real direction is fully tied to the personality of the administration. Some students believe they have “power”, when that power is illusory. Student Caucus is like a social club for mini pork barrel projects. Student-led projects now have to get the approval of the administration, which then calls the lawyers. And you know what the lawyers are going to say?

    “Don’t do it! Too much liability involved!”

    And now the administration wants to form a new “Strategic Plan” because the current one is “unusable”. So in response, we’ll get a whole bunch of “community meetings” in which the administrators try to placate the students, a bunch of “committees” to come up with more proposals.

    But all these formalisms are just dog and pony shows to hide the real political maneuvers at play — that Warren Wilson is on the fast track to becoming “McDonaldized” (as I was taught back in Intro. to Sociology, a great course). Student initiative, student freedom, student power, is squeezed out to the great satisfaction of the cardigan-and-tie administration and their lawyers.

    Posted by Jesse Chen, '06 | March 26, 2009, 8:04 pm

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