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Pfeiffer to review SLO structure earlier than expected

Gabriel Sistare, staff writer

College President Sandy Pfeiffer has decided to review the new Service Learning administrative structure next spring.
Initially, Pfeiffer planned for the new structure to be a “pilot project” that would be reviewed in two years, though in his President’s Report for February, Pfeiffer said that he would review it within 6-10 months.

Pfeiffer said that his decision to review the pilot structure would happen sooner in the event adjustments are required.
Pfeiffer also indicated that those involved in the reviewing process could settle on the most effective  administrative structure for Service Learning.

“At the end of the first year we may be able to determine what permanent arrangement will work best for the College,” said Pfeiffer.

The February report mentioned that the review process will include the Service Learning Advisory Committee (SLAC), and the President’s Advisory Committee (PAC).

SLAC was not included in Pfeiffer’s original decision to change the administrative structure of the Service Learning Office.

Overall, regarding the review process, Pfeiffer said that it is too early to outline a procedure or to know the groups that would be involved.

In the February report, Pfeiffer said he thought it was best to hear from many voices before the final decision is made.
Pfeiffer mentioned the numerous meetings he had with various groups on campus that focused on maintaining the strength of Service Learning.

“I appreciate many productive conversations that took place,” he said.

Although there were many objections to Pfeiffer’s original decision to reorient the Service Learning administration, he said that no single objection effected his decision to make the review process happen a year earlier than originally suggested.

“Although I can’t say that any specific ‘objections’ drove my decision to review the administrative structure in early 2010, I’ll certainly add that my many conversations on and off campus and–most important–my own careful consideration of this essential part of the Triad suggested that a sooner review would be in all our best interests,” he said.

Furthermore, Pfeiffer suggested that all conversations he had regarding the changes to service learning effected his decision making.

“Certainly all conversations on campus influence my decision-making on many issues,” he said. ” Listening to the opinions of all constituencies is a big part of my job.”


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