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Alum concerned over turn to “professionalism”

Billy Peard, guest writer It was six years ago this month that I first set foot on campus as a prospective student and discovered the magic that is Warren Wilson. The last signs of winter were receding and the final scraps of debris were being cleared away from the old Schaefer as I strolled around [...]

Green and mean: we did it right this time!

Matthew Byers and Alex Morris, senior editors All right ladies, gentleman, and those who choose to remain neutral, the score, after much confusion, has finally been compiled.  The Editor Competitors and Ballfield A neighbors have at long last figured out how to use their energy county gizmos. Matt Byers has refrigerator, cell phone, laptop, and [...]

Pfeiffer to review SLO structure earlier than expected

Gabriel Sistare, staff writer College President Sandy Pfeiffer has decided to review the new Service Learning administrative structure next spring. Initially, Pfeiffer planned for the new structure to be a “pilot project” that would be reviewed in two years, though in his President’s Report for February, Pfeiffer said that he would review it within 6-10 [...]

Trustees and Pfeiffer create comittees to develop new strategic plan

Gabriel Sistare, staff writer The Board of Trustees and college leadership are starting to discuss a brand new strategic plan for Warren Wilson. At the most recent trustee meeting, the board voted to authorize a sub-committee to develop the plan. The sub-committee consists of trustees, Ron Hunt, Vice-Chair Deborah Bailey, Tom Johnson, Henry Copeland, Steve [...]

What if we had a Crew that…?

Elizabeth Bonham, staff writer Early this term, the Work Program Office introduced the “Create-a-Crew” workshop, to open a forum for ideas for new, student-initiated work crews. Crews that have gone in and out of existence in past years, directed towards improvement of quality of life on campus and academic exposure, have traditionally been proposed and [...]

Sacred Harp note singing

Elizabeth Gunto, staff writer Recently, signs have been popping up around campus for Sacred Harp note singing practice. But what exactly is Sacred Harp note singing? Where does it come from? The name comes from the book used for the singing, The Sacred Harp. Sacred Harp refers to the human voice. In note singing, notes [...]

Health Center and wellness offer preventative medicine, massages

Joseph Villers, staff writer Nurse Pat Parker arrived at Warren Wilson College last August, bringing 25 years of experience as a nurse practitioner with a specialty in college health and adolescent medicine. She reports the most common health complaints on campus to be influenza and upper-respiratory infections. In Sunderland, a persistent mold problem has partly [...]

Bursting at the Seams: Has WWC sacrificed quality for quantity?

Part 3: Housing Elizabeth Bonham, staff writer The oversized incoming freshman class this fall saw Wilson “bursting at the seams” most clearly not in class or at work, but in their own bedrooms (or lack thereof). But with housing adjustments made by Housing already and a new Residence Life plan in the works for next [...]

Financial Aid to adopt new direct loan program

Ricky Ochilo, staff writer Beginning in the fall of 2010, the College will be changing its financial lender from the Federal Family Educational Loan Program (FFELP) to the William D. Ford Direct Loan Program. Kathy Pack, Director of Financial Aid at Warren Wilson explained that the new lender program differs from FFELP in that students [...]

Power Shift draws record crowd, inspires WWC students

Alex Morris, senior editor The weekend of Feb. 27- March 2 might have brought giant flakes of falling snow in our nation’s capitol, but this didn’t stop the record turnout of collegiate youth from all over America, including many Warren Wilson students, who travelled to Washington, D.C. to rally, lobby, and learn more about climate [...]

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