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Hans take Ping Pong Tournament

Elizabeth Bonham, staff writer

The father and son Han team reigned victorious this Saturday morning in a campus table tennis tournament held in DeVries gym.

In the doubles team ping pong championship, three and a half teams appeared out of seven who signed up. Teams placing first and second were Dr. DongPing Han and his son, Chao Han, and Dr. Bob Eckstien and junior Sean Pulsfort. Two additional competitive teams were comprised of sophomore Linden Blaisus and junior Joe Brown, and juniors Tim Benton and Jeremy Dean.

The tournament rules had teams face off in two-out-of-three style matches to 21 points each. After a grueling competition, team Han won the first part of the tournament, with Sean and Eckstien coming in first runner up.
In the final 2/3 match, the Hans faced off with Bob and Sean. Each won a single game, and in the end Dr. and Chao Han won the ultimate match.

“It was Chao and Dr Han,” said Benton, “[the outcome] was obvious.”

Chao Han was ranked number one at UNC Chapel Hill for table tennis, and his skills showed. The winning team received intramural t-shirts and ten dollar sporting goods certificates.

Intramural sports director Rob Shook presided over the contest.


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  1. Thank you describing how they won the tournament Elizabeth. I must say you really have the skill to write. I was impressed how you described how the match happened. Keep it up!

    Posted by Tanya T. Vargas | April 19, 2011, 3:18 am

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