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Getting mean and green

Matthew Byers and Alex Morris, senior editors

So it begins.  The challenge:  Alex Morris and Matt Byers, Echo Editors Extraordinaire and Ballfield A  residents,  take on the new and daunting task of (drum roll please) conserving energy.  Lovely members of the ELC crew have approached us with strange contraptions that plug into the wall and monitor energy use.  And we are going to start counting every kilowatt we use to prove once and for all who is the greener of the two. Starting Valentine’s day we will begin monitoring, and whichever room uses less energy by the end of the semester will — well, just sort of rule.  Sparks may fly, but this is one contest that will bring you shocking results. And what’s an energy consumption contest without a little smack? Lady, gentleman, have at it:

So, there’s no question. I’m going to win this contest because I don’t have two refrigerators like my certain next door neighbor.  I turn off the lights when I leave, I put my computer on sleep when I’m not using it and, I only charge my cell phone right before it’s about to die.  Matt Byers and his roommate Michael Silverman are going to lose with their wasteful ways, and how many laptops do y’all have again?

I feel like there should be a handicap placed on my mooching neighbor/co-editor who uses my refrigerator space to keep her beer cool without the guilt. Whatever. From this point on, I will only only eat luke warm foods, I will do my homework by candlelight, and the only thing heating my room will be love. Sweet love. Climate=fixed.


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