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A mean, green update

Matthew Byers and Alex Morris, senior editors

The Kill A Watt energy monitor is an extraordinary device. It can be plugged into an electrical outlet and gauge voltage, line frequency, and power factor (which we’re fairly certain is a term they just made up), and can measure kilowatts used by all appliances plugged into the outlet over a period of time. We have, however, ascertained one major design flaw: if you unplug it from the outlet, it loses all accumulated data. So, two weeks into the energy consumption challenge between Echo editors and neighbors Alex Morris and Matt Byers, the score is currently tied at “dumbass.”

Matt says:
Alex will deny this, but I was totally owning this competition. My laptop now serves as nothing more than the pestle on which I grind berries into the ink I use to write papers. Ok, that’s a lie. I just don’t write papers. Nor have I done laundry since the competition began. Neither has Alex, but she just smells. Anyway, I’m confident and ready to raise the stakes. In the time being, refrigerator privileges, Ms. Morris, are still revoked.

Alex says:
Reliable editor as Matt usually is, he is actually incorrect about me not doing laundry and smelling, because I have done laundry twice since the start of the competition, and the second time I came really close to hanging my clothes up to dry, but it was raining.  And if he had hypothetically owned the competition thus far, it would only be because he is  lazy  and plugged his doohickey in two days later than planned after constant (but lovely) badgering from me.  So there. And whatever about your refrigerator; from now on it’s just warm tequila shots for me Mr. Byers, and you can’t have any!


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  1. Just wanted to tell you all know how much I appreciate your postings guys.
    Found you though google!

    Posted by bloonsterific | July 10, 2009, 5:09 pm

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