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A mean, green update

Matthew Byers and Alex Morris, senior editors The Kill A Watt energy monitor is an extraordinary device. It can be plugged into an electrical outlet and gauge voltage, line frequency, and power factor (which we’re fairly certain is a term they just made up), and can measure kilowatts used by all appliances plugged into the [...]

Something to sink your fangs into

Joseph Villers, staff writer Red Fang is coming to Asheville on March 10, at Stella Blue. The music is a heavy-metal brew of Queens of the Stoneage and Electric Wizard. As an escape from economic turmoil, and like the picture-halls of the Great Depression, rock shows fit the bill. The drummer, John Sherman, was the [...]

Musical yogi to perform at Sage Cafe

Elizabeth Gunto, staff writer On March 3 yogi, published author, and singer-songwriter Dada Nabhaniilananda will be performing at Sage Café. He has released three albums and is currently touring the U.S. His music has been compared to Cat Stevens and Simon and Garfunkel. Elizabeth Gunto: People have compared your sound to Cat Stevens and Simon [...]

So, where does your uneaten food go?

Amy Peddie, guest writer Here at WWC, we compost pre and post-consumer food waste. This means that the carrot ends, and the carrot scraps you didn’t eat, are (usually) composted. But it’s not that easy. For GOOD compost, we mix the food waste with adequate amounts of carbon (wood chips and sawdust); we must maintain [...]

Journeymen promote potential in Asheville boys

Ricky Ochilo, staff writer Life’s most prosperous journeys are the ones that welcome new travelers to join in search of exciting destinations. Journeymen in Asheville is part of an international movement that seeks to instill in young boys values that promote leadership and integrity. Christopher Frisco, deputy director of Journeymen, explained that the program is [...]

Hans take Ping Pong Tournament

Elizabeth Bonham, staff writer The father and son Han team reigned victorious this Saturday morning in a campus table tennis tournament held in DeVries gym. In the doubles team ping pong championship, three and a half teams appeared out of seven who signed up. Teams placing first and second were Dr. DongPing Han and his [...]

Chemtronics: Superfund in your backyard

Joseph Villers, staff writer Many students may have no idea what lies beyond Suicide Ridge, a high range of ancient igneous and metamorphic rock which runs along Warren Wilson College’s north-western border. According to a report in the Warren Wilson archives seeking to understand the presence of coyote on Suicide Ridge, “The Suicide Ridge area [...]

WWC rowers remain dedicated despite challenges

Elizabeth Gunto, staff writer The Warren Wilson rowing team consists of  sophomores Sarah Malphrus, Abi Locatis, Emma Fitzsimons, Deirdre Ludlow, and juniors Becky Edwards and Liz Miller. The rowing coach is Bob Soderstrom. In-water practices are from one to two hours, and rowers also have land practices which are “largely self-motivated and involve weights, lots [...]

Bursting at the Seams: Has WWC sacrificed quality for quantity?

Elizabeth Bonham, staff writer Part two: work This year’s increased student population and a consistently increasing student body in general has necessitated accommodations in each area of the triad. This week’s installment of “Bursting at the Seams” will concentrate on the work program. Work crews at WWC, their functions, sizes and statuses shift each year [...]

Students leave for Power Shift

Alex Morris, senior editor Registration for the second annual Power Shift conference in Washington, D.C. closed Wednesday Feb. 24 at midnight. Over 11,000 people registered, making the event the largest gathering of young people on climate and energy in U.S. history. At least 28 of the registered activists were Warren Wilson students, all of whom [...]

Pfeiffer recovering at home from brain surgery

Matthew Byers, senior editor President Sandy Pfeiffer underwent surgery to address a subdural hematoma that was discovered during an MRI on Saturday, Feb. 21. Pfeiffer was discharged from Mission Hospital on Tuesday and continues to recover on campus. Vice President of Academic Affairs Paula Garrett, who is serving as acting president in Pfeiffer’s absence, reported [...]

Getting mean and green

Matthew Byers and Alex Morris, senior editors So it begins.  The challenge:  Alex Morris and Matt Byers, Echo Editors Extraordinaire and Ballfield A  residents,  take on the new and daunting task of (drum roll please) conserving energy.  Lovely members of the ELC crew have approached us with strange contraptions that plug into the wall and [...]

Does soy affect gender development?

Joseph Villers, staff writer The soy present in much of our food supply contains phyto-estrogens, making this ingredient a touted alternative to hormone therapy for women experiencing menopause; however, soy has replaced many whole foods in America, and is readily eaten by both sexes. Its effect on men appears to be a lowering the male [...]

Calling all punks: is Wilson passive or political?

Elizabeth Bonham, staff writer “…but maybe you’re not every one,” the Warren Wilson marketing slogan calls out to punks, radicals, and protesters. Much of Wilson’s allure lies in its self-proclaimed image as a community oriented towards social and political activism. Students enroll here fresh from high school or crusty from hopping trains with the same [...]

College prepares to counter financial strain

Ricky Ochilo, staff writer The financial crisis in the U.S. has affected major industries, organizations and households alike. Given the decline in family incomes and an unemployment rate that is now 7.6 percent, there have been declines in institutional support and resulting measures have followed to cushion the negative shifts. Warren Wilson College has not [...]

Smoking or non?

Joseph Villers, staff writer The smoking culture of Warren Wilson is significantly greater than at comparison schools. Incoming students to Warren Wilson rated 19.9% frequent smokers in a survey, as opposed to 3.5% for comparison schools, according to Dean of Students Cathy Kramer. It was over the Summer of 2007 that cigarette smoking policy changed. [...]

Local service taps local history

Gabriel Sistare, staff writer Warren Wilson students participating in the INSULATE! service trips provide more than a courtesy to local homeowners; they forge a bond with their neighbors that they would otherwise never meet. Last year the INSULATE! Crew, along with Service Learning, weatherized three homes in the local area. On Saturdays, students would arrive [...]

Distinguished biochemist to speak at WWC

Ricky Ochilo, staff writer Warren Wilson College will welcome renowned researcher and biochemist William H. Schlesinger on Feb. 13 to speak on the issue of climate change and environmental chemistry. Schlesinger has been conducting research for at least 30 years focusing specifically on environmental chemistry, which involves the analysis of chemical and biochemical trends that [...]

Getting buzzed about bee school

Joseph Villers, staff writer The annual Buncombe County Bee Conference began last weekend at Warren Wilson in Canon Lounge and will conclude this weekend, Feb. 14-15. “I’m here because I love the honey bee.” Sister J. Spiritvoice, wearing wings and antennae, addressed the assembled beekeepers and prospective students. Sister J referred to the conference as [...]

The return of RISE

Elizabeth Gunto, staff writer President Sandy Pfeiffer decided to absorb the costs of the RISE Project into the Warren Wilson budget this Dec., and to make the RISE Project permanent. Pfeiffer added a permanent staff position for the RISE Project’s supervisor, Kelly Kelbel. Kelbel’s new contract has changed significantly from her previous, temporary contract from [...]

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