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Kids on campus

Alex Morris, senior editor

Three-year-old Josiah Wilder is the son of Building Service Supervisor Tom Wilder.  Josiah sipped juice and ate popcorn while sharing with The Echo his love for his dog Leon and Little Teapot songs.  Josiah wants to be a dentist or a “big guy who drives a trencher backhoe.”  His father sat in on the interview as well.

Josiah is the son of Building Service Superviser Tom Wilder. He loves blueberry pancakes, but not reggae.

Josiah is the son of Building Service Superviser Tom Wilder. He loves blueberry pancakes, but not reggae.

Alex Morris: What do you think of Warren Wilson College?
Josiah Wilder: College kids work at different places called Warren Wilson.
AM: What does your dad do here at WWC?
JW: Cleaning.

AM: And do you think you want to do this when you grow up?  What do you think you want to do?
JW: A dentist or a big guy who drives a trencher backhoe.

AM: Wow, those are pretty different extremes.  Where do you go to school?  Are you in preschool?
JW: Preschool Montessori school.
AM: And when you go to school what is your favorite thing to do?
JW: I have a new friend. His name is Mosley.

AM: Now, Josiah, after you go to elementary school and middle school and high school, do you think you might want to come to WWC?
JW: I want to be with my Daddy and vacuum with my vacuum and my cleaning kit.
Tom Wilder: Is there any other type of work you want to do?
JW: Digging with the trencher backhoe.

AM: Do you have any brothers or sisters?
JW: No. I have a dog.  His name is Leon and I take good care of him.

AM: How old are you, Josiah?
JW: Three.  I have new flash-up shoes.
AM: Let me see?  Oh cool!
JW: Blue in the front and red in the back.

AM: I see you are drinking fruit juice.  Is that your favorite thing to drink?
JW: Yes, and my other favorite thing is pancakes for breakfast.
AM: I love pancakes, especially blueberry.
JW: My favorite pancakes are strawberry and blueberry.  Grandma makes blueberry and mommy makes strawberry.

AM: Josiah, do you have a favorite type of music?
JW: Little teapot.  Not reggae, not hip hop.
TW: Little teapot is a collection of songs like “Wheels on the bus.”
AM: No reggae huh?  That’s a shame.
TW: Yes it is, because he knows that’s what mom and daddy listen to.

AM: Josiah, do you have any good jokes?
JW: Is your refrigerator running?
AM: Yes.
JW: Well then you better go catch it!

AM: Josiah, do you know who the president of the United States is?
JW: Barack Obama!
AM: What do you think of him?
JW: He’s on the T.V….
AM: Yes, that’s true.

JW: It starts with your feet and then goes to your legs and up your body and to your head and out your hair.
AM: (To Tom) Sounds like he’s got a good sense of self.
TW: Yeah, he does, and he’s also really learning to have control over his body.  He’s also just had a recent development of that control.  Can you tell Alex what that is Josiah?
JW: Stand up to go pee!
AM: Alright! High five!


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  1. I love this article. Thank you for an endearing interview. I’m glad this is the news I read.

    Posted by David kelly | February 20, 2009, 12:59 pm

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