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Kids on campus

Alex Morris, senior editor Three-year-old Josiah Wilder is the son of Building Service Supervisor Tom Wilder.  Josiah sipped juice and ate popcorn while sharing with The Echo his love for his dog Leon and Little Teapot songs.  Josiah wants to be a dentist or a “big guy who drives a trencher backhoe.”  His father sat [...]

Can the College afford more sabbaticals?

Miles Kovarik, staff writer One of the problems professors are faced with at small schools is that sabbaticals are hard to come by. Just a few professors taking breaks can leave whole departments understaffed. “The question is how many sabbaticals is the school going to fund?” History Professor Philip Otterness explained. Faculty members are eligible [...]

Students take service into their own hands

Elizabeth Gunto, staff writer Knit for Nancy is a clothing drive run by Helpmate and the RISE Crew. Helpmate is an organization which helps women and children who have left abusive situations. As the name of the drive suggests, donations are items knit, not bought, by students. The items are are mostly scarves, hats, and [...]

New plan for Suicide Ridge in the works

Miles Kovarik, staff writer Professor of Sustainable Forestry Dave Ellum is leading an effort, hopefully with the assistance of students, to limit the number of people from outside the Warren Wilson community on Suicide Ridge in order to designate the Ridge as a “late successional reserve.” According to Biology Online, a late successional reserve is [...]

Thanksgiving vandalism continues unsettling trend

Miles Kovarik and Grabriel Sistare, staff writers Vandalism on campus has been on the rise recently, including a series of destructive acts that occured on the farm and the FMTS physical plant. According to sophomore Gordon Jones, who was working during Thanksgiving break when these acts happened, vandals rolled three hay bails into Charlie’s pasture, [...]

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