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Question of the week!

compiled by Heather Walls

“What scares you?”

Dreadlocks- Maxwell Theodore Huntoon Bressor

Inorganic hair color- John Wright

Panthers- Ben West

Nothing…alright, owls- Lincoln Bressor

The only thing I can think of right now is being paralyzed- Pat Hurley

Religion- Murad Ibrahimi

Castration with a rusty cheese grater- Bill Haggeman

NOT bears- Rachel Keller

Being naked….or maybe not being naked- Asa Jean

Worms- Nicole Rosenberger

Day old pork fried rice- Greg Doyle

Baby Corn- Tony Wilburn

Girls and people with small hands- Jermon Marsh

Sharks, alligators, tarantulas, black widows, tigers, cobras, scorpions all poisonous things, tornadoes- No I’m not done- the woods, dark alleys-hey you had your time to answer, I have mine- anyway…uh, being hit by a car, being eaten by any animal, hippies, people that walk around barefoot, people that don’t shower, girls who have armpit hair….- Stephen Cavallo

Bears- Donny LeVasseur

Tornadoes- Jess Sutt

DEA- Karel Teiffer

I’m not scared of anything…wait…falling from very great heights onto a hard surface. And when I was little I really thought that trolls would eat me. Otherwise, no, nothing. – Matthew Byers

Being disregarded. I don’t need to be recognized, just don’t disregard me- Zach Davidson

Knives- Max Emiliano

Big dogs and Amish people- Josh Nash

Killing someone…that would be really scary if that had to happen- Allen Gaddy

Being locked up in a foreign prison- Will Goobsky

Getting pregnant- Alex Morris

Losing my virginity- Jake Naughton


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