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Writer in residence Madeleine Blais sparks college’s interest

Alex Morris, senior editor Director of Undergrad Writing Gary Hawkins introduced Warren Wilson’s Writer in Residence Madeleine Blais on Tuesday evening, Oct. 28. Hawkins described the nonfiction writer’s work as refreshing, referencing in particular Blais “not writing about the self.” Blais has also worked as a journalist, gaining national recognition for her work, in which [...]

Seed grants: Funding student ideas

Joseph Villers, staff writer The Warren Wilson Campus Greening Seed Grant Program got its start in 2001. The program encourages students to submit proposals that green the campus, and imbue them with the power to solve large environmental problems working on a small scale. The first seed grant awarded was a tree-planting proposal at the [...]

Q&A with Pfeiffer forges stronger connection to student wishes

Miles Kovarik, staff writer For all of you who could not make it out to President Sandy Pfeiffer’s Thursday Oct. 30, discussion with students, here is an update on some of the issues discussed. Student Caucus orchestrated the event, which took place at Sage Café. According to Co-Convener junior Gideon Burdick, Student Caucus is planning [...]

Bracing for change

Ricky Ochilo, staff writer They came in droves to witness the dawning of a new nation. With swelling hearts, loud cheers and tears welling from their eyes, they looked at the face and symbol of hope, Barack Obama. In Obama they entrusted their deepest fears, hardships and hopes for a better life. The long, doubtful [...]

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