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Wellness students inspire bond with faculty through weekly brunch

Miles Kovarik, staff writer

A Sunday feast that bridges the gap between staff and students is the idea behind a few students’ new Sunday morning activity. A group of friends on campus have decided that they want to join with staff over several luncheons.

A trio of students has lunches and brunches with various staff and faculty. The trio consists of sophomore Sean Pulsfort,  and juniors Keely O’Connell and Bethan Kannapell. The luncheons take place in the Wellness dorm.

According to Keely, the goal is to bridge some of the gaps between the student body and the staff at Warren Wilson. Kannapell added, “The ultimate goal of course is to have fun and enjoy great food with great people.”
So far, four such luncheons have taken place. Among the invited guests have been President Sandy Pfeiffer, and Professors John Brock, Carol Howard and Michael Matin. For most of the luncheons, these guests’ families accompanied them.

The first one of the luncheons was with Pfeiffer, where there were waffles and peach sauce, among other foods.

Sophomore Lora Moon is another student who attends the luncheons and helps to cook. Her father, John Hanel Moon, was one of the invited guests to the luncheons. John Moon is a professor from what Pulsfort refers to as, “the mysterious land of Canada.” During his sabbatical, he is the supervisor of the Warren Wilson Energy Audit Crew. At  Moon’s brunch there were blueberry pancakes.

Two of the Sunday gatherings were lunchtime meals. O’Connell and Kannapell rattled off some of the foods on the menu, including pizza for Brock’s meal, and “great stew” for Howard’s.

The money for the meals comes out of the pockets of the students and the invited guests.

According to Kannapell, “Sean is the master of dough,” and was instrumental in creating the bread that was served at the meals.

O’Connell explained that there are many more luncheons to come. “We love making lists and our list of whose up next is very long,” she said.

“I was touched by the fact that I was invited,” Moon said. “I think it is a very good idea.”


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