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Library provides resources during crunch time

Miles Kovarik, staff writer

Exam week means lots of coffee, no sleep and the cramming of lots and lots of information. Library Director Christine Nugent said she tries to give students positive encouragement.

“I can tell by Thursday [Students] have not been sleeping, and that they are too tired to go on. I try to reassure them that they can still get through it,” Nugest said.

Where does everyone go during exam week? One answer is that many people choose the library. So what services does the library have for students that are studying?

Nugent explained that the library and the Writing Center have now teamed up. Every Monday, staff members from the Writing Center will be near the Kissinger Room (first floor, far right corner) to assist students with projects and papers.

Coffee and tea will be provided in the library from 8pm to 9pm, sponsored by Student Life.

As always, the Cole Study Room is open for use. Mrs. Nugent explained how students sometimes stay in the Cole study room all night.

The library also has extended its hours. Starting on Sunday and ending Wednesday night, the library will remain open until 12:00 p.m. This is a regular extension of hours that occurs during exam week, so if you did not have a chance to take advantage of it this term, look forward to library extended hours during the next exam week.


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