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Homecoming: It’s coming!

Joseph VIllers, staff writer

In keeping with tradition, this years Homecoming will include a bonfire and BBQ down at the farm.

In keeping with tradition, this years Homecoming will include a bonfire and BBQ down at the farm.

The annual Homecoming/Alumni weekend festivities will bring together alumni, parents, and current students and will run from Thursday, Oct. 2, to Sunday, Oct. 6. Jon Hettrick, director of alumni relations, reported that there are about forty events scheduled, so there will be something for every stripe.

On Friday night there will be a BBQ on the farm, which aims to feed about eleven hundred people. The event will include live music from the Chorale and the Whitewater Bluegrass Band, featuring Wilson alum Ted White (’69). The band has performed at homecoming for nearly twenty years.

“We’re cooking three two-hundred pound hogs and lots of tofu. Brian makes the best tofu, I’m primarily a meat-eater, and it’s pretty good,” Hettrick said.

On Saturday, both the women and men’s soccer teams will compete at 1 p.m. There will also be a festival on the field, which will feature big circus tents, dunking booths, food and crafts.

“It’s a great time to come out and cheer for the soccer and enjoy a wonderful afternoon,” Hettrick said.
Hettrick called Pat Laursen, who served as alumni director for thirty years, to find out about the origins of the homecoming tradition and reported what he found.

“The class of ’49 met on the New Year’s Eve after their graduation, so then that was 1950,” Hettrick said.

“They continued doing that until the mid-fifties. They then met the third weekend of October. After the college went on the semester system, they changed it to the first weekend. It’s been that way ever since.
In addition, Hettrick said the College is conscious of the environmental impact of the event and is doing what it can to be as sustainable as possible.

“When you feed a thousand, you create a lot of waste; we are this year using biodegradable plates, cups, forks and the whole bit. But we’d encourage students to bring their own dishes if they are interested. Alumni are using biodegradable wear to show they care, too,” Hettrick said.

The weekend is sponsored by The Warren Wilson Presbyterian Church. Registration is recommended and reduces the cost of meals.


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