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Administration serious about parking. No, really.

Joseph Villers, staff writer The Accounting Office confirms that 262 vehicles have been registered this semester. There are more student vehicles on campus than this count, but the true number is difficult  to quantify. Some students have avoided getting a decal. At the accounting window, Carly Damien commented, “Every student on campus [with a car] [...]

Owl Athletics: fall sports recap!

Miles Kovarik, staff writer Luke Bernard is in the top twenty-five group of goals per game scored. Brett Buffington and Steven Cavallo are both in the top twenty-five in terms of their goals against average (how few goals vs. minutes played) and saves per game percentage. Brett Buffington is also eighth in saves percentage overall. [...]

Rethinking our economic values

Gabriel Sistare, staff writer President Bush, Treasury Secretary Paulson, and Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke, continue to reassure us that the financial crisis we are experiencing will end soon enough. Behemoth financial institutions are merging, and activity on Wall Street seems to be getting more and more centralized. Stimulus after stimulus is being injected into the [...]

Obama calls McCain health care proposal “fundamentally…wrong”

Elizabeth Gunto, staff writer On October 7, the two presidential candidates, John McCain [R] and Barack Obama [D] debated at Belmont University in Nashville, Tenn. The debate was mediated by Tom Brokaw. The main subjects of the debate were foreign policy, health care, the economy, energy, and taxes.  The questions were sent in by members [...]

Peace and justice for whom?

Dr. Frank Kalinowski, guest writer The sign hanging from the ceiling in the lower hallway of Gladfelter reads, “What Do You Want From The Peace and Justice Office This Year?” It’s an important question and one deserving of a thoughtful response, especially in light of the flyers and “Good News” handouts the P and J [...]

Deep woes and prejudices behind term “white trash”

Ricky Ochilo, staff writer This past weekend Warren Wilson students held a party where several students flocked to have fun, dance and socialize. The party’s theme was focused on the term white trash. For many, the historical use of the term has been met with both antagonism and prejudice. A deeper look at the implications [...]

Library provides resources during crunch time

Miles Kovarik, staff writer Exam week means lots of coffee, no sleep and the cramming of lots and lots of information. Library Director Christine Nugent said she tries to give students positive encouragement. “I can tell by Thursday [Students] have not been sleeping, and that they are too tired to go on. I try to [...]

RISE Project seeks funding from college budget

Alex Morris, senior editor Two years ago, in the fall of 2006, Warren Wilson College received nearly $200,000 in a grant from the Department of Justice to fund the RISE (Resistance Intervention Safety Empowerment) Project. Since its establishment in January of 2007, RISE Coordinator Kelly Kelbel and her crew have worked in an assortment of [...]

Obama promises not to “bamboozle” Asheville

Alex Morris and Matthew Byers, senior editors Senator Barack Obama, Democratic presidential candidate, made a campaign stop at Asheville High School last Sunday, Oct. 5 and spoke to an enthusiastic crowd about issues facing the economy and health care. Asheville Police estimated 22,000 supporters from all over the region crowded the bleachers and football field [...]


Kids on campus

Alex Morris, senior editor This week’s kid on campus is Darrius Davidson. His mother, Pat Parker, currently works at the WWC Health Center, and his father John Davidson used to work for Public Safety. Reporter Alex Morris interviewed Darius at the Health Center with a few comments from both parents on the side. Darrius has [...]

Palin’s disgraceful environmental record

Ricky Ochilo, staff writer Flying over Alaska, you might think Sarah Palin’s state is an environmental haven. There are vast landscapes of glaciers, snow capped mountains, rich lagoons and meandering river deltas. The protector of the Alaskan wilderness and governor of Alaska is today one of the most recognized figures in the world. However, despite [...]

First debate a draw for Obama, McCain

Elizabeth Gunto, staff writer Presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain had their first televised debate on Friday evening. Obama stressed his overall vision for the country, while McCain’s main theme for the debate was his experience. McCain portrayed Obama as an overspending liberal who unnecessarily taxes, and Obama said that McCain was just another [...]

Wellness students inspire bond with faculty through weekly brunch

Miles Kovarik, staff writer A Sunday feast that bridges the gap between staff and students is the idea behind a few students’ new Sunday morning activity. A group of friends on campus have decided that they want to join with staff over several luncheons. A trio of students has lunches and brunches with various staff [...]

Got the runs? Don’t blame it on your meal plan.

Alex Morris, senior editor Don’t eat at Gladfelter; they put laxatives in the food.  Sodexo is a multinational corporation that feeds prisoners, and what’s more it only gives the college students options of local food sometimes. Upstairs is bad, and Cowpie only lets you get seconds 15 minutes before closing, and, have you noticed? The [...]

Who will be the Kobayashi of the third annual Lettuce Eating Contest?

Miles Kovarik, staff writer Warren Wilson College’s third year of the annual lettuce-eating contest is set to take place in late October. Whoever said you need hot dogs to have fun? The goal of the contest is to raise money for the Annual Fund of Warren Wilson. Last year the event raised $200 for the [...]

Owl athletics: New coach for boys Basketball

Miles Kovarik, staff writer Andrew Pulsifer, swimming coach, is not the only newcomer to Warren Wilson Athletics this semester. The basketball team also has new energy pumped into it because of coach Kevin Walden. Walden was the assistant coach for St. Ambrose University’s basketball team in Davenport, Iowa. While he was coach at St. Ambrose, [...]

Getting to know Peace and Justice Crew

Gabriel Sistare, staff writer Mission Statement The Peace and Social Justice Crew provides avenues for students to learn, organize, advocate, act and serve within our local community. We seek to cultivate a culture of activism by encouraging students to put their knowledge and skills to work in the areas to which they are called. We [...]

Swannanoa: One step closer to incorporation

Gabriel Sistare, staff writer The community of Swannanoa has filed its application for incorporation with the State of North Carolina. Swannanoa submitted the application to the Joint Committee on Municipal Incorporations, the legislative body in Raleigh that will review the proposal. The Joint Committee will validate signatures that were collected by the Swannanoa Incorporation Task [...]

Homecoming: It’s coming!

Joseph VIllers, staff writer The annual Homecoming/Alumni weekend festivities will bring together alumni, parents, and current students and will run from Thursday, Oct. 2, to Sunday, Oct. 6. Jon Hettrick, director of alumni relations, reported that there are about forty events scheduled, so there will be something for every stripe. On Friday night there will [...]

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