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Question of the Week!

What is a lie you’ve told recently?

I told my mom I wear sunscreen. Jenna Cruite

I don’t lie….that’s my lie. Maddie Davis

I told my boss I didn’t understand the work he was asking me to do because I was too lazy to do it and then I bumped off two hours early. Anonymous

I told someone that I performed the Heimlich on someone who was choking on a dental dam…but she really did choke on a dental dam. Adrienne Testa

I told a certain cookie-maker that I had only eaten 4 cookies, when in reality, 6 were consumed. John Nelson

That I saw a bobcat at Dam Pasture, I told Vanessa and she believed me, hahaha. Ileana Anderson

That bear shit smelt good. Stephen Briggs

I told people I was a vegetarian, but I ate fish two weeks ago, I couldn’t help it, it’s not like I ate a hamburger. Cody Wright

I told my mom that the RAs really cracked down on pot smoking. Hannah Hess

I told a 5 year old who was crying outside of the library because he lost his quarter that I found his quarter, but I actually just took one from my pocket. Farid Quraishi

I’d hook up with you if we didn’t work together. Anonymous

That I work 15 hours a week. Maxwell Bressor

That my name is Peter, I’m from North Dakota, I’m a freshman, and I’m an ODL major. Tony Wilburn

I told my sister I felt sick so I wouldn’t have to listen to her tell me about how bad her life is. Jeremy Lekitch

We told her mom that we aren’t living together, that we both have singles. Adrian Smith and Kelsey Fisher

That I hate having fun. Alex Babbit

Well, I faked about 3 orgasms this weekend, does that count? Anonymous

I told my dad that my boyfriend is the star quarterback at Wilson and the vice president of the Young Republicans Club. He’s proud of me. I’m glad he still hasn’t figured out the internet though, and that he still thinks Warren-Wilson is some sort of code for UNCA. Anonymous

compiled by Heather Walls


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