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Kids on campus

Alex Morris, staff writer

This week the children in question are the son and daughter of Stan Cross, the director of education at the “Environmental Leader Center Place.” Staff reporter Alex Morris interviewed Hollis and Sophia (respectively) while they dined in Gladfelter, and their parents Stan and Tara Shannon commented occasionally as well.

Alex Morris:What does your dad do at Warren Wilson?
Sophia Cross: He works at the Environmental Leader Center Place… What’s it called?
Stan Cross: Environmental Leadership Center.
Sophia Cross: Yeah Environmental Leadership Center.

AM: Do you guys want to do that when you grow up?
Hollis Cross: Yeah Kinda.
Sophia Cross: I kind of want to be an art teacher.
HS: I love math problems. They’re easy.

AM: What do y’all think of WWC?
SC: Awesome!
HC: It’s  awesome; I can bike to my baseball field from Warren Wilson College.
AM: Do you think you will go here when you are older?
SC: Yes Yes me me!
HC: I want to go here and have biking lessons.

AM: What crew do you think you would work on?
HC: Probably a biking crew.
SC: Art Crew!  Is there an art crew?
Stan Cross: Yes, there is an art crew and a bike crew.

AM:And how old are you two?
HC: I’m in kindergarten, and I’m five, almost six.
SC: I’m nine and in fourth grade.

AM: What are your favorite subjects in school?  Hollis, I bet yours is math.
HC: Yeah.
Stan Cross: What about recess?
HC: Yeah, I like recess.
SC: Probably writing for me.
AM: What school do y’all go to?
SC: Evergreen Community Charter School.

AM: And since you are eating them, what are your favorite vegetables?
SC: Radishes.  I was going to say tomato but they are a kind of a fruit.
HC: Green beans.  I especially like canned green beans.

AM: What’s your favorite music?
HC: Michael Franti.
SC: Michael Franti!
Tara Shannon: Her first Michael Franti show was at five months.
SC: I got to dance with Michael on stage.
AM: Wow you guys are a long stray away from Hannah Montana.
SC: I hate her.

AM: Got any good jokes?
HC: These two boys…
SC: That one’s way too long; it’s like 10,000 pages.  Once there was this boy, and he and his dad went on vacation where there was a purple gorilla.
Stan Cross: Wait, is this one appropriate?
SC: Yes.  Then his dad got sick so the boy went by himself and there were signs in multiple languages saying don’t touch the gorilla.  The boy didn’t believe the signs so he touched the gorilla.  The gorilla chased him around and then he touched him and said tag you’re it.

AM:That’s a good one.  Do you two know who the president of the United States is?
(shakes head) uh uh.
SC: George Washington?
Tara Shannon: (laughs) No.
SC: George Bush?

AM: Yes.  What do you think of him?
SC: I shall not say that.
AM: Smart kid.  And who are you for in the upcoming election?
SC: Obama!
HC: Oh yeah!


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